Jet Skiing in Maldives

If you love the adrenaline pumping thrills of skimming along the water at pulse-pounding speeds, then jet skiing in Maldives is definitely the activity for you! The Maldives is in fact the perfect destination for water sport enthusiasts and staying at aMaldives island hotel which provides such activities is a great way to have fun in the surf. Velassaru Maldives is one such Maldives resort known for offering a range of water sport activities for young and old alike.

A thrilling way to soak up the sun and enjoy the sight of picturesque coastal landscapes, jet skiing provides plenty of adventure on the waves. These speedy crafts operate on either 650 cc or 400 cc engines, offering all the speed to make this an activity that is bound to have you catching your breath in delight. Apart from jet skis for individual riders, you do get models that can accommodate two riders as well, letting you share in the fun. Experienced jet skiers can even take part in freestyle riding amidst a seemingly endless azure playground.

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Enjoy Maldivian Life and Culture

The Maldives consisting of tiny coral islands, sun kissed beaches, inviting waters and stunning sunsets indeed would move any traveller who longs to experience the finer things in life at one’s own pace. Fine the treasures of a tranquil retreat by choosing a Maldives resort that will serve an array of experiences. Velassaru Maldives which is a Maldives island hotel will be your starting point in learning each intricate detail of the country’s fascinating culture and lifestyle.

Be thrilled by the smiling faces of the local people as you are escorted towards the vibrant features of these exotic isles. From enthralling water sports activities, tropical villas to romantic dinners under the stars, the Maldives boasts of an abundance of things to do. Head over to the Maldives for a rich indulgence of true island life.


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Ride on a Seabob Cayago Water Rocket

The Maldives has gained fame as one of the most sought-after honeymoon locations in the world; its crystal-clear waters and warm island ambiance affords new couples an intimate opportunity to commemorate a new chapter of their lives together. The Velassaru Maldives presents the ideal choice of a Maldives resort to cater to a honeymoon getaway or simply a welcome vacation. If you’re seeking a singular Maldives island hotel that pampers its guests with stellar service, and exquisite dining and entertainment options, the Velassaru Maldives is it. Amongst the many beach activities you can enjoy here, take an exciting ride on a Seabob Cayago Water Rocket. Presenting underwater adventurer with the ideal power tool for scouring the deep, the Seabob is the latest trend in underwater exploration. Although saddled with a hefty price tag of USD 14,000, the hotel will provide you with these fascinating gadgets that come with an impressive battery life of four hours for optimal deep-sea browsing times.

The Seabob can also be used to gain a dolphin’s eye view of the sea as you zip along the surface of the waves in this unique little invention. The impressive price tag is courtesy of the fact that this is a relatively new technology, primarily in use by the US Navy Seals on missions as well as tourists such as yourself who can experience all the fun without footing the bill. One of the most intriguing features of the Seabob is the fact that it’s completely silent, which means you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the vibrant and intriguing marine life without scaring all of them away. A truly unique mode of exploration, try out the Seabob to experience a new dimension of underwater viewing.

Wakeboarding in Maldives

For those of you who happen to be holidaying in the exotic isles of the Maldives would do well to wake up from your slumber and embrace its inviting outdoors. Experience the surf and sun in all its glory by indulging in a bit of wakeboarding. Choose any Maldives resort for an action packed adventure where the Velassaru Maldives which is a Maldives Island hotel would feature amongst the finest of coastal retreats.

Regardless if whether you’re a beginner or experienced wake boarder, the sport offers the perfect blend of adrenaline and adventure. Manoeuvre the warm waters of the area in an invigorating and fun-filled activity that combines the thrills and spills of surfing, snowboarding and water skiing.

Parasailing in Male

The Maldives – synonymous with beach weddings, crystal-clear seas, colourful marine life, eclectic culture, and adventure sports! To fully soak in an authentic Maldives experience, guests should invest in a quality Maldives island hotel that will offer everything one needs for a fun and relaxing vacation, from comfortable amenities to warm island hospitality as well as fun activities for a dash of thrills and spills. The Velassaru Maldives on the South Male atoll will pamper all of its guests with the perfect Maldives resort experience and offers its guests the chance to participate in the most popular sport on the islands, parasailing! This exciting over-the-water sport is an excellent and heady way to experience the islands from up above, laced with adrenaline-pumping thrills. You get strapped into a parachute that is harnessed to a high-powered speed boat so that you can fly high above the tranquil blue waves and be treated to a bird’s eye view of the Maldivian atolls. Feel the blood pulsing in your veins as the roar of the wind rushes past your ears and adds to the heady sound effects of this thrilling adventure sport. Soar above the sparkling blue Indian Ocean with the scenic vistas unfolding beneath you, taking your breath away, or is that just from the rush of flying above the islands at top speed? Find out and go parasailing when you vacation in the Maldives!

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Kneeboard surfing

Move past the crashing waves of the Maldivian waters and experience how life maps out its own course when let loose in the outdoors. Kneeboard surfing is by far the most enthralling of recreational activities that one may embark upon in the area. Choose an inviting Maldives resort that will serve up ample experiences making your holiday escape that much more enjoyable. The Velassaru Maldives which is a captivating Maldives Island hotel is sure to leave you with memories of a truly mesmeric journey.

The Maldives offers you the luxury of selecting your own spot where you can put your kneeboarding skills to the ultimate test as the region is home to some of the biggest waves in the world. Deftly evade the rising surf and sense the growing need of wanting to take on more of what a tropical paradise has to offer the daring at heart. Got your board? Start paddling.

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Fun with Wind Surfing in Maldives

Velassaru Maldives is one of the most amazing Maldives resort that one would come across while on the search for a Maldives island hotel. This hotel is modern and includes all necessary facilities to pamper you throughout your vacation. The friendly staff and the beautiful natural surrounding would add more value to your stay.

While in these beautiful island you would come across many activities based on the turquoise blue sea around it. Windsurfing is one such exhilarating activity that you could take part. Even if you’re a beginner do not worry because this is one perfect place in the world where you could learn windsurfing throughout the year. Sail in the beautiful Indian Ocean while feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the water splashes that would be refreshing. While cutting through the waves feel the soothing sea breeze that would touch your face and make your ride relaxing. Enjoy paradise and take home lovely memories.