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Kneeboard surfing

Move past the crashing waves of the Maldivian waters and experience how life maps out its own course when let loose in the outdoors. Kneeboard surfing is by far the most enthralling of recreational activities that one may embark upon in the area. Choose an inviting Maldives resort that will serve up ample experiences making your holiday escape that much more enjoyable. The Velassaru Maldives which is a captivating Maldives Island hotel is sure to leave you with memories of a truly mesmeric journey.

The Maldives offers you the luxury of selecting your own spot where you can put your kneeboarding skills to the ultimate test as the region is home to some of the biggest waves in the world. Deftly evade the rising surf and sense the growing need of wanting to take on more of what a tropical paradise has to offer the daring at heart. Got your board? Start paddling.

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