Lesser-Known Attractions in Kalutara District – Captivating Discoveries in Sri Lanka

While there are many attractions in Kalutara, not all are well-known by tourists and here are a few such sites in the district to add to your itinerary.

Kande Viharaya

While the city’s main temple gets all the attention, equally impressive is the Kande Viharaya Buddhist temple in Kalutara; beach resort properties can be found within easy reach of this site that dates to the 18th century. Highlights include various frescoes and Buddha images, a sacred Bo tree and one of the world’s tallest sitting Buddha statues.

Image by katkat from Pixabay

Thudugala Waterfall

Nature lovers can visit the Thudugala Waterfall, easy to reach on excursions from properties like the ‘Safe and Secure’ certified Avani Kalutara Resort. You must walk through a rubber estate and past an abandoned estate building before reaching the cascading waters, an enchanting site where you can have a refreshing dip as well!

Fa Hien Cave

The Kalutara District is also home to one of Asia’s biggest natural rock formations, where a pre-historic human settlement was excavated too. It’s named Fa Hien Cave after a Chinese Buddhist priest who is said to have visited this spot in the 5th century; here, you can see the archaeological dig sites, a Buddhist temple and a reclining statue of Lord Buddha.

Nachchimale Stream

Located near the town of Ingiriya, the Nachchimale Stream is another attraction that showcases the natural beauty of Kalutara. At this site, apart from the meandering stream, one will find a picturesque setting with small waterfalls and ponds set amidst lush foliage. It’s a great spot to have a bath and soak up sublime tranquillity.

Amazing Waterfalls around the Kalutara District – Discover Them Now!

The Kalutara district, which is just shy of Colombo is a sunny district with many hidden waterfalls, waiting to be explored and uncovered! Read on to find out more about the waterfalls which await you in this district.

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Hotels in Kalutara

The beauty of Kalutara is that while you might be based in a Kalutara beach resort such as the Avani Kalutara Resort, you’re never too far from some waterfalls. Especially if you’re visiting during the rainy season, you can expect to explore some gorgeous cascades replete with gushing water.

Makeli Ela Falls

This 10-meter-high waterfall is by far one of the more popular waterfalls in Kalutara. The backdrop of which are some rugged granite boulders. The contrast of the silvery cascade against this rustic backdrop makes this stunning location to photograph as well.

Ahas Boku Ella

This waterfall is at the end of a demanding albeit rewarding trek through the thicket. It’s a 30-meter fall which is named after the illusion of the water gushing in and through the sky, making it a must-see on the waterfall circuit of Kalutara.

Maha and Bala Ella

These falls are referred to as the sibling of waterfalls, due to their difference in size and their proximity to each other. Hike up the riverbank amidst the untamed yet pristine forest cover to reach these two falls. Bathing in the rock pools is safe as well but it’s always best to stay close to the banks.