Dragon’s Back Hike

The Dragon’s Back hike consists of a section from the much larger “Hong Kong trail”, which spans from the east of the city to the far west. The trail connects two mountains, the Wam Cham Shan and Shek O peak, and meanders around these two peaks, creating the image of a dragon’s backbone. The trek is not very physically demanding, but it can be utilised for a quiet stroll on any sunny afternoon. It is beautifully maintained and also well-indicated, making it almost impossible to get lost in, which is a fear among all hikers and expedition lovers alike. Featuring picturesque views and gorgeous verdure, the trail is within close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the serenity of the hike is well preserved.

The Dragon’s Back winds through the Shek O Country Park, in which one can take a detour to check out the Clearwater Bay and an archipelago of uninhabited islands in the South China Sea. In addition, the park is home to a very rare species of deer, barking deer, so hikers should keep their eyes peeled for these shy creatures. Visitors are advised to wear track shoes rather than slippers or sandals due to certain rocky terrain and steep areas, which may be difficult to get across.

Good weather usually graces the path with lovely cloud spells and warm sunshine. However, since the trail is open with little tree coverage, visitors are advised to come prepared for exposure to sun, wind, and occasional rain. The bay of Tai Long Wan marks the end of the trail and offers prime surfing with waves reaching several metres high across all seasons, which makes it a haven for surfing buffs. Cafés in the area provide a welcome respite for relaxation after an adventurous day of hiking the Hong Kong hills. The Dragon’s Back trail is easily accessible via a bus ride, the No. 40 local bus from Causeway Bay to Shek O stop, for a fare of about HKD 10.

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Dragon Back Hike-Nature At Its Best

The first impressions most tourists have of Hong Kong is that it’s a cosmopolitan country filled with busy streets, modern infrastructure, sky scrapers and lots of noise. However, visitors to Hong Kong will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful countryside and luscious landscapes which are just an hour away from the city.

The Dragon’s Back trail is one such destination that is just outside of the city limits and offers a spectacular view of nature. The Dragon’s back is a unique hiking experience not only because of the name it has, but also due to the fact that the location is also extraordinary. In 2004, it was named ‘The Best Urban Hike in Asia’ because of the unique geographical features in the area. The journey begins when you step into a Hong Kong tram. The tram takes you across the Shau Kei Wan wet market, a beautiful bamboo forest and hills covered in rose myrtle and azaleas. When you step down for the hike at Dragon’s back, you will see a rugged path that winds, twists and turns its way around a mountain that is shaped like the back of a dragon.

Although it may look extremely difficult, the Dragon back hike is quite short. While trekking, there are so many spectacular views on display for you. To the east, you will see velvety green islands in the sea close to Hong Kong and the Clear Water Bay Peninsula. Towards the west, there is the Stanley Peninsula and the South China Sea. At the foot of the Dragon Back mountain is a popular surfing beach. The beach is part of the Shek O village where you could rest and dine in one of the many beach restaurants. Towards the end of the hike is a shady tunnel of tropical vegetation that is sure to cool you down in the hot weather.

The trail takes around 2 hours to complete, and there are some inclines which make it a challenging climb but it is not that difficult. There are a lot of stairs which will help you work out the calories you gained while on vacation. The best place to rest and relax is the Big Wave Bay. There are a lot of restaurants on the beach and you can always go for a swim or have a drink there.

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The Peak

It is a necessity that a visitor to Hong Kong should feel deprived if he doesn’t get a chance to go to The Peak. Ascend on the tram at sunset to this towering mountain and its looming view stations and enjoy the city being played on with many brilliant hues as sunlight dips into a fury of colours before converting into the dark of the night where the electric lights take over and spill out their own magic pattern against the velvety darkness.
Known as the Victoria peak or even more simply as The peak, this tall mountain is placed on the western part of the Hong Kong and captures a stunning view of the rest of the city, especially the view over the Victorian Harbour. The peak tower contains the sky terrace which is another excellent location to capture the best scenery. There are more great places to take an eyeful of scenery at Lions view Point pavilion as well as Lugard Road Lookout. The peak circle walk is an excellent way of taking in different angles of the view through a casual stroll while the peak galleria offers a viewing gallery that is as superb as the rest.

The Peak tram journey that takes you up on the ascent to the peak is as great as the end point, reminding you of the caption of success being a journey and not a destination. This famous funicular train ride offers an incredible experience as you get to glide past the tallest sky scrapers of the city and watch them disappear into the distant through your window as you ascend the peak. Dedicated to this excellent mode of transport that has survived for no less than a century is the Peak tram gallery that has stories to tell of the tram and its memorable incidents. The tram leaves for the peak from Garden road and can provide an amusing journey upwards. However, today the tram can be replaced by a taxi or even a car to reach the top.

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Tian Tan Buddha

Lord Buddha was born an ordinary man, and his long path towards enlightenment overcoming all desires and materialistic feelings makes him an honoured figure among the many that follow his philosophy as Buddhists. All over the world Buddhists honour statues of the Buddha, and worship them with utmost loyalty. These statues are made in various sizes, from small ones ideal for the home to large creations that travellers cross borders to see. One of the finest Buddha statues in the world is seen in Hong Kong, and is said to be one of the most loved attractions among the sites frequented by visitors to the city.

The Tian Tan Buddha is located opposite the Po Lin monastery on the island of Lantau. Though it is not the tallest of all Buddha statues in a seating posture, as there are a few taller, it is the tallest of its kind made up of copper, standing at a height of 43 metres. The construction of the Tian Tan Buddha took approximately a decade of hard work and wise engineering, and the finished product is well worth it; it was open to the public for the first time in 1993. For visitors, reaching the site itself is an achievement as there are 268 stairs to climb in order to reach the top. It is best to visit on a clear day, as from the top the view of the surroundings is nothing short of breathtaking.

It is admirable how much precise details the statue consists of, and the various physical marks that are said to have been unique to the Buddha are visible here. Every detail has been made with care by those who built the structure and this is reflected in the magnificence of the site. While some may prefer to visit the site during special religious celebrations where they can watch the rituals performed by worshipers, others will prefer to visit on days where there is less of a crowd on site. Regardless of when they visit those who stop over here are expected to act and behave appropriately to maintain the sanctity of the place of worship. There are many other attractions around the Tian Tan Buddha as well as places to eat and it is a place that must be visited when in Hong Kong.

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