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Dragon’s Back Hike

The Dragon’s Back hike consists of a section from the much larger “Hong Kong trail”, which spans from the east of the city to the far west. The trail connects two mountains, the Wam Cham Shan and Shek O peak, and meanders around these two peaks, creating the image of a dragon’s backbone. The trek is not very physically demanding, but it can be utilised for a quiet stroll on any sunny afternoon. It is beautifully maintained and also well-indicated, making it almost impossible to get lost in, which is a fear among all hikers and expedition lovers alike. Featuring picturesque views and gorgeous verdure, the trail is within close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the serenity of the hike is well preserved.

The Dragon’s Back winds through the Shek O Country Park, in which one can take a detour to check out the Clearwater Bay and an archipelago of uninhabited islands in the South China Sea. In addition, the park is home to a very rare species of deer, barking deer, so hikers should keep their eyes peeled for these shy creatures. Visitors are advised to wear track shoes rather than slippers or sandals due to certain rocky terrain and steep areas, which may be difficult to get across.

Good weather usually graces the path with lovely cloud spells and warm sunshine. However, since the trail is open with little tree coverage, visitors are advised to come prepared for exposure to sun, wind, and occasional rain. The bay of Tai Long Wan marks the end of the trail and offers prime surfing with waves reaching several metres high across all seasons, which makes it a haven for surfing buffs. Cafés in the area provide a welcome respite for relaxation after an adventurous day of hiking the Hong Kong hills. The Dragon’s Back trail is easily accessible via a bus ride, the No. 40 local bus from Causeway Bay to Shek O stop, for a fare of about HKD 10.

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