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Things to do in Sanya

Visit the charming resort locale of Sanya, situated on China’s southern coast and is often billed as the country’s “Hawaii”. When seeking a Sanya hotel to accommodate you, consider the Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa, as its beachfront location makes it an ideal Sanya resort at which you could stay. When you are in the region, several must-do sites present themselves for further exploration. Interact with the playful and sweet Macaque monkeys over on Nanwan Monkey Island, who will jump on you if they sense food or drink, so if you are for a bit of frolic, then head over here! If you want to plunge into the aquamarine waters that frame this tropical paradise, then your best bet for diving, snorkelling and other water sports would be Wuzhizhou Island, although visitors are advised to choose times that are off-peak to visit, in order to maximize visibility. The Sanya Hanshan Temple is a local landmark, which features a stunning, gigantic statue of Quan Yin, the Goddess of infinite compassion and mercy in Chinese Buddhism. It is located around an hour outside of Sanya city, and should make for a fun day trip out. If you are craving a bite to eat, you will discover many restaurants serving up the area’s specialty: fresh seafood. A fun way to sample the latest catch of the day is to visit the Agricultural Products Market on Xinjian Street, where you can select your seafood and have it taken across the street to the restaurants, which will be happy to cook it for you, in whatever way you wish.

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