The Peak

It is a necessity that a visitor to Hong Kong should feel deprived if he doesn’t get a chance to go to The Peak. Ascend on the tram at sunset to this towering mountain and its looming view stations and enjoy the city being played on with many brilliant hues as sunlight dips into a fury of colours before converting into the dark of the night where the electric lights take over and spill out their own magic pattern against the velvety darkness.
Known as the Victoria peak or even more simply as The peak, this tall mountain is placed on the western part of the Hong Kong and captures a stunning view of the rest of the city, especially the view over the Victorian Harbour. The peak tower contains the sky terrace which is another excellent location to capture the best scenery. There are more great places to take an eyeful of scenery at Lions view Point pavilion as well as Lugard Road Lookout. The peak circle walk is an excellent way of taking in different angles of the view through a casual stroll while the peak galleria offers a viewing gallery that is as superb as the rest.

The Peak tram journey that takes you up on the ascent to the peak is as great as the end point, reminding you of the caption of success being a journey and not a destination. This famous funicular train ride offers an incredible experience as you get to glide past the tallest sky scrapers of the city and watch them disappear into the distant through your window as you ascend the peak. Dedicated to this excellent mode of transport that has survived for no less than a century is the Peak tram gallery that has stories to tell of the tram and its memorable incidents. The tram leaves for the peak from Garden road and can provide an amusing journey upwards. However, today the tram can be replaced by a taxi or even a car to reach the top.

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