Discover the Best of Hikkaduwa

Vacationing in Hikkaduwa is something wonderful you can try out during your tour to Sri Lanka. It’s a small coastal town located 116km south of Colombo.

Hikkaduwa beach SriLanka
DaemonX, Hikkaduwa beach LK, CC BY-SA 4.0

Swimming at Hikkaduwa Beach
Needless to say, Hikkaduwa beach is one of the safest for swimming. You may also indulge in snorkelling if you prefer, and spot huge turtles in the evening.

River safaris
For river safaris in Hikkaduwa, you have the Madhu River very close to Balapitiya. Exploring this lake system will expose you to many birds, reptiles, and also a rich network of mangroves. If you are a nature photographer, you are sure to click some of the best shots during this boat ride.

Enjoy all sorts of seafood
Any Hikkaduwa resort the likes of Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon is specialized in seafood, and that’s a fact! You are sure to find the best seafood in the world here prepared using the Sri Lankan authentic cooking styles and flavours.

Explore an ancient temple
Hikkaduwa is home to the ancient Buddhist temple Sri Pushparama Viharaya. Visit this temple during your stay to know some details about Buddhist philosophy. The monks residing here are very friendly and they’ll teach you the facts without expecting anything in return.


Fun Adventures in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

If your holiday plan includes spending long days on the beach, surfing the waves, going on foodie tours and partying on the shore, then Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka is the place for you!

Hikkaduwa | Image Credit : Николай Максимович, Hikkaduwa – panoramio, CC BY 3.0

South Coast Escape

This laid-back town can be found along the island’s south coast; it is around 98 km from Colombo, the commercial capital and is easy to reach via the Southern Expressway or by train. Hikkaduwa resort, hotel and Airbnb options abound offering accommodation for varied budgets.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Golden sands bordered by azure waters await at Hikkaduwa Beach where soaking up the sun is a way of life! Beachside resorts the likes of Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon offer the ideal coastal base to also enjoy diverse dining and the happening nightlife scene in and around the beach area.

Ocean Escapades

Hikkaduwa also features thrilling water sports; there are some excellent waves for surfing especially for beginners, while snorkelling lets you explore the local marine national park home to assorted coral and marine life. For more in-depth exploration you can go diving to hotspots the likes of Black Coral Point and Kirala Gala.

More Adventures

There’s much more to do in Hikkaduwa; you can visit the nearby Seenigama Muhudu Viharaya, which is a temple on a small island, see turtle conservation in action at the Sea Turtle Hatchery & Rescue Centre and indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments. There’s always something new to discover!

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