The Best Swings in Bali You Don’t Want to Miss

Apart from its dreamy beaches, cascading waterfalls, and ancient temples, Bali also boasts some of the most incredible swings you’ll ever find. Grab your camera and get ready to swing your way into an adventure that will be the envy of your entire social media feed!

Petitenget Beach

Forget pricey cocktails, Petitenget Beach in Seminyak offers a free swing with a million-dollar view. Located right across from Mano Beach House and easy to reach from properties like Harris Hotel Kuta Tuban Bali, this swing is a sunset chaser’s dream. Imagine the golden light bathing the ocean as you soar through the air – pure beachfront bliss that does not come with a price tag!

Dream Island Beach Club

Dream Island Beach Club in Sanur has a swing made for enjoying the glory of a magical sunrise or sunset. This spot is within easy reach of hotels near Kuta Beach, making it an ideal place to visit. Picture yourself perched on the swing, the ocean breeze whispering secrets in your ear as the first or last rays of the sun paint the sky with vibrant hues. Plus, the beach club is close by for some post-swing relaxation!

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The iconic Tegalalang Rice Terraces are a must-visit in Bali, and guess what? They also hide some pretty amazing swings! One sits near Tegalalang Village, offering a gentle swing with scenic rice paddy views. But, for the ultimate Instagram shot, head to the far side of the valley. A captivating hike amidst the rice terraces will bring you to two swings with safety harnesses that provide an unforgettable experience.

The Real Bali Swing

Bali Swing – Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

The Real Bali Swing near Ubud is the king of the swing scene and for good reason. With a whopping 15 single swings and 3 tandem swings, there’s a swing for every mood! Feeling adventurous? Soar high above the jungle canopy. Want something more romantic? Cuddle up with your special someone on a swing built for two. They even have artistic ‘nests’ made from natural materials, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your pictures.

Unforgettable Scuba Diving in Bali

While Bali offers plenty of fun on the beach, don’t forget there’s much to discover beneath the waves too! Here’s more on scuba diving in this enchanting destination.

Image credit- Unsplash,Perets,CC0

Dive Centres

Beginners or those looking to get an additional certification will find plenty of dive centres on the island; choose one that offers PADI and / or SSI training and certification. Ideally, be based by the coast with options including a hotel near Ngurah Rai Airport for travel enthusiasts like HARRIS Hotel Kuta Tuban Bali.

Best Time to Go

Scuba diving in Bali can be experienced year-round though generally, May to September, the dry season, is considered the best time; you can still enjoy this activity at other times when it doesn’t rain, while destinations like Pemuteran and Menjangan Island are popular places to visit the whole year through.

What to Expect

There’s plenty to encounter on your underwater adventures be it thriving coral reefs, fascinating marine species or even intriguing shipwrecks. Apart from a myriad of colourful tropical fish, you may also come across larger denizens of the deep including manta rays, sea turtles, various species of sharks and the elusive mola-mola or sunfish.

Diving Hotspots

There are diverse dive sites in Bali, each with something different to offer. On the east coast are popular spots at Tulamben and Amed where you will find shipwrecks, some dating to World War Two. Menjangan Island and Pemuteran on the north coast are also well-known for diving as are Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.