Adventureland in Dubai

Dubai is well known for its leisure activities and family theme parks to help adventure lovers have the best time of their lives. Adventureland is an entertainment centre for young and old that has become one of the most popular Dubai tourist attractions. Dubai is home to some of the biggest high-end shopping centres and luxurious accommodation options such as Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. It is also an extremely busy city in the entire Middle East.

Since a vast amount of the expatriate working community from across the world and their families live in Dubai, there are numerous cultural and fun activity centres that have been established to cater to their leisure activities. Adventureland in Dubai is known to provide innovative and quality leisure to an extremely diverse cultural mix. The theme-based entertainment centre was inaugurated in 2002 (February) on a massive land area to accommodate large crowds with an ever increasing demand for patronage each year. Some of the thrilling attractions you can enjoy here include Motorcoaster which is a rollercoaster running with motorbikes on many levels.

Due to high demand and lack of space to accommodate the massive crowds, the floor area of Adventureland was increased and it is today one of highly acclaimed, biggest & best indoor adventure parks found in the entire region. You will enjoy its latest look & feel depicting a fantastic jungle theme that is filled with characters of animals, modern trendy designs, murals and a spectacular sound system. Some of the diverse and thrilling rides the park offers include Asteroids, Tidal Wave, a roller coaster named Quantum Leap and a water ride called Log Jam. Besides these, you can enjoy many family adventure activities and kids’ rides here as well.

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Dubai Desert Wildlife

The camel is the most well-known creature to roam the desert; therefore it has earned an accolade for itself as the ‘ship of the desert’. Apart from endless golden sand, dry gusts of wind and desert palms very few images come to mind when picturing a desert. Boutique hotels in Dubai are usually packed with people who want to explore and learn about the actual topology, geology, and biodiversity of deserts. The hotels in the city promote desert treks; Desert Palm PER AQUUM is one hotel that does so, complete with guides, food, and vehicles included in the package.

The exploration of Dubai deserts would bring to earth the realities that are hidden amidst the sand and rocks. It is believed that in the past there were far more species of life that existed in the desert terrains of Dubai, but as the years passed some have become extinct while others are endangered. Some are seen so rarely that they even wildlife experts are unsure of their continuity as a species.

The existence of gazelles, oryx, and invertebrates in addition to the much spoken of camels has been confirmed. Arabian leopards have been spotted prowling around in mountainous areas where there is access to water while the hares that reside in this part of the world do not live in burrows but out in the open. Their beige fur acts as the camouflage and they survive easily from the wetness of the grass they consume. The tahrs and mountain gazelles occupy the mountainous regions with the leopards but only the tahrs squabble with the Arabian leopards for water as the mountain gazelles can do with or without for long periods of time.

The invertebrates such as snails, scorpions and spiders are common in the sand and fall prey to some of the larger animals. Yet, their population is always on the rise, unlike their larger counterparts who devour them.

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Desert Safari in Dubai

Visiting Dubai is never complete without taking an adventurous and fun-filled Desert Safari tour. Experiencing the mysteries and activities in the Dubai deserts is actually a lifetime memory stamp of living your life to the fullest for a fraction of your entire lifetime. The sands of Dubai have plenty to offer for any type of traveller visiting the emirate. There are plenty of cheap flights to Dubai that can be easily booked for those who cannot afford high airfares with online sites like findmyfare.

It is important to prepare ahead for the desert ride especially for the first timers as once the journey begins; it is a no return continuous safari ride across the endless desert sands. Whatever you have seen in movies comes to life once you begin the safari that employs an unconventional, unforgettable and hair raising method to get across the deserts. Along the way you will see plenty of camels slowly making their way across the sands plus getting to witness with your very own eyes and feel with your fingers how amazingly the ground soil keeps changing from one colour to another with different textures. It won’t be surprising for you to get the eerie feeling that the sand is alive and moving along according to the whims of the sun.

As you go deeper into the Arabian Desert, the sand dunes become larger and more impressive like huge crates made by massive unidentified flying objects especially where the wind blows more heavily and fiercely. The Dubai deserts have extreme climatic changes from real hot weather to chilling cool breeze that makes one shiver. These are different climatic experiences that you can undergo depending on the seasons.

As you drive deeper into the desert, the ride becomes wilder where you literally begin to keep bouncing up and down your seat sometimes where you feel as if you’re inside an enclosed roller coaster swirling sharply to your left and right at each and every turn. Keeping yourself strapped in to your seat and holding on to the seat are mandatory actions for safety. Nausea cannot be definitely ruled out during this rugged stage of the ride. The humps and dips that you have to drive through make it an unbelievable and extremely wild ride you will never forget in your lifetime. In no uncertain terms, you will feel it is well worth making it through the gruesome journey once it comes to an end with your return to the solid ground area.

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Wild Wadi Water Park

Being listed among the top ten attractions in Dubai , Wild Wadi Water Park. A place to spend the entire day with your family and friends with pure excitement. Located close to Burj Al Arab.

Being a busy city Dubai has a diverse range of accommodation. Its no surprise that some people want to escape the buzz of the city. Dubai Luxury hotels are strategically placed in and around the city. If you are looking for a place little outside the city that’s well away from the center but spoils you with luxury an excellent choice would be PER AQUUM Desert Palm.

Some of the highlight at the Wild Wadi Water Park include , the wave pool ,the different water slides and the artificial surf machine. If you are up for some serious adrenaline highs the water park is the perfect place to be. Featuring many rides to suit individual preferences. Some come with single seating arrangement while others come with double seating arrangement. Most of the traditional rides in the park are built to go downhill. The Falcon Fury, Tunnel of Doom, Rushing Rapids are some of the rides featured in the park. There are also special rides for families. Which is a two part ride where the visitors are taken uphill through the splashing waters of a pool and then dropped a staggering 560ft downhill. The park also features Middle East’s largest wave pool, Bakers Bay , where waves rise up to around 5 feet , where swimmers can cross these waves that come from all directions. The largest free fall water slide, Jumeirah Sceirah is also featured here. There are also rides that recreate the real surfing experience of kneee boarding or body boarding. The park premises also has two gift shops where visitors can purchase memorabilia.


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Kicking up a Dust

Anyone who has been near a desert has always wanted to explore it. One way of doing this, albeit very briefly, is to take a SUV safari in the desert. This offers a bit of exploration combined with an incredible off road experience that everyone from seven to seventy seem to enjoy. Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas, an operator of luxury hotel resorts in Asia and the Middle East, has several properties at desert locations.

Many travel companies at desert locations offer variations of the SUV desert safari. This involves driving a 4×4 vehicle over sand dunes at maniacal speeds so that the occupants have the most thrilling experience of their lives. This is also known as dune bashing. The episodes generally start with a convoy of 4x4s leaving the city behind early in the evening and hitting the dunes after reducing the pressure in the SUVs tires to increase its footprint, gaining more traction and to avoid sinking into the sand. The convoy is also a necessary precaution to avoid losing direction and getting lost. Ensuring the passengers are securely buckled in, the driver commences to kick up a dust navigating the steep troughs and crests of the dunes shaking up its passengers and giving the uninitiated quite a fright. The SUV driver who has been doing this many times is well up in his game. The SUV desert safari is also most people’s first introduction to the desert and the discovery that the desert landscape is very varied indeed.

The dune bashing lasts for about 20 minutes. The passengers are allowed a respite to watch the sunset over the dunes which is really a very pretty sight. The safari includes a visit to a camel farm, camel rides, henna tattoos and a traditional Arabic meal sitting on carpets and cushions on the sand around a campfire entertained by a belly dancer and relaxing with a shisha afterwards. The safari is also an opportunity to try sand boarding and if vehicles are available at site, dune bashing on ATVs as well.

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Al Hamar

The desert Emirate of Dubai has over the years made a name for itself as a premier tourist destination, offering an array of noteworthy attractions. In Dubai you will have the chance to enjoy sensational shopping opportunities, a host of sightseeing attractions and a laidback cosmopolitan ambience. Visitors considering a tour of the Emirate interested in staying at a Palm Jumeirah hotel will be pleased by Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa. Such an accommodation will provide well-furnished rooms and courteous service and makes an ideal base from which to set out on one’s adventures.

A not to be missed activity when exploring the region is dune bashing and wadi bashing. Dune bashing involves powerful four wheel drive vehicles, dune buggies or quad bikes which are used to drive up and down sand dunes in the desert. Skilled drivers can do this competently, racing through the sand at great speed. It is certainly an experience to be treasured, which can only be enjoyed at a select few locations in the world.

Travellers to Dubai should take the opportunity to visit the immense sand dune known as Al Hamar, or Big Red. This well-known attraction is conveniently reached from Dubai city and may be visited in the morning or the afternoon. This colossal dune, no less than 300 feet in height, has slopes that are as steep as those of a ski run. The distinctive reddish colour of its sand is a result of a high content of iron oxide.

Al Hamar is a popular visitor attraction, luring a steady stream of leisure seekers, both local residents and tourists from abroad. However this does not detract from the pleasure of visiting this attractive leisure destination. If you lack a suitable four wheel drive vehicle you may hire an off road vehicle from a specialist company. You will also have the options of hiring a quad bike or a camel ride at the attraction itself, although you cannot actually ascend the dune in this manner.

All around the vicinity of Al Hamar you will see a host of little shops and kiosks which offer snacks and souvenirs. The visitors at the dune itself will all be in a joyous mood and you too will be enthralled by this marvel of nature.

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Ballooning in Dubai

On the 21st of November 1783, Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier made history by launching the first manned flight utilising a hot air balloon. At the time, hot air balloons became largely popular as a unique mode of travel, a mode that was unavailable until that time. With a number of changes and adjustments through the centuries, hot air balloons have developed a different popularity in the 21stcentury: tourism. Hot air ballooning tours are now being offered in almost every country as an essential component of the tourism industry.

Most tours allow its patrons to witness the sunrise by taking off in the dead of the night. As a result, tourists often have the wonderful experience of watching a glorious sunrise and the slow but marvellous changes of the colours of the sky. For those visiting Dubai, this experience is just as unforgettable. One such hot air ballooning tour is offered by Ballooning Adventures Dubai and will commence north of Al Ain in the Desert Oasis.

Those considering exploring this option of sightseeing should know that children below five years of age are restricted from going on the tour. However, the tour is not a short one: it lasts for approximately four to five hours. As a result, ensure that you make time for the tour when making an itinerary. The tour is open to around twenty two people a ride. Therefore, it is likely that your entire family will be able to take it at one time. You should also be prepared to pay eight hundred and fifty dirham for children and nine hundred and ninety five dirham for adults.

This particular company also offers to provide free transport from one’s accommodation in Dubai to the pickup site making the tour not only enjoyable and entertaining but convenient as well. When selecting a Palm Jumeirah hotel to reside in, keep in mind Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa which is an excellent option. Located only a forty five minute drive from the Airport, guests will have the opportunity to experience fine dining and select from a variety of cuisines.

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Venture off the beaten track and plunge into the rolling, golden sands of the Arabian Desert when you go off-roading in Dubai. Your luxury Dubai hotel will help you make all the necessary travel arrangements, and a stylish Deira hotel Dubai such as the Copthorne Hotel Dubai is the perfect base from which to launch all your explorations. Dune Buggy Dubai is one excellent company with which to plan and plunge into all your off-roading adventures – UAE style. Get an early start with a fun morning safari within the dunes that will see you leaping headfirst into the undulating dunes all from which the comfort of a stylish dune buggy perfect for you. Or plan your excursion as twilight falls with an evening desert safari, and have fun roller-coasting through the golden waves of sand as the wind whips through your hair. You can even go sand boarding, quad biking, get your hands and face painted with Henna, and witness a mesmerizing belly-dance as part of the whole experience in the desert! Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, a quad bike safari is perfect, where it’s just you and your bike taking on the twists and turns of the desert on your lonesome. Come back to camp by dark and enjoy a delicious BBQ under the stars. With adventures like these in the UAE, you will never want to leave!


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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Dubai is considered one of the glitziest cities in the world, with elite shopping and entertainment choices to satiate the fussiest of experiential tastes. Check into one of the downtown Dubai luxury hotels for a taste of true glamour and glitz. The Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai is widely considered one of the finest 5 star hotels Dubai has to offer the roving traveller. Fly high above Dubai’s city line and gaze down at the city from a different perspective designed to thrill and amaze. Take to the skies well before the sunrise and witness the majesty of a desert sunrise peeking through the horizon that you are about to meet. Witness the magical landscape unfolding beneath your feet and absorb the rich hues of copper, emerald, gold, and sienna, a sensuous carpet undulating in the early morning light. Catch sight of the amazing wildlife trotting below through the elegant shapes of the gazelles and camels silhouetted against the shifting sand dunes. Rise up to meet the beautiful desert sun ascending along its familiar arc and descend to where cool drinks and refreshments will be waiting for you after your exhilarating flight. For a unique perspective of Dubai, take to the desert skies on a hot air balloon ride!

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iFly Dubai

Feel the wind blowing against your face as you await the adrenaline rush of your life at Dubai’s very own iFly Dubai, better known for its in-house sky diving experiences. Therefore for those of you who want to come over to this attraction must first consider the many options of apartment accommodation Dubai has to offer. Ascott Park Place Dubai with its Dubai serviced apartments will be one of the facilities that must be given some thought when searching for a place to stay.

Located in Mirdif City Centre, iFly Dubai offers you the convenience of strapping up and letting yourself go as the two 800 horsepower fans keep you suspended in the air. The experience is truly memorable as you would feel the same sensation and joy of jumping out of plane. Once inside you will be handed your very own jumpsuit, goggles and helmet and given expert advice by the on-site instructors on how to ride the almost gale-force winds which are part of this one of a kind experience. Regarded as the most realistic of sky diving trips that one could ever go on, iFly Dubai is all set to offer you the ride of all rides as your holiday in Dubai begins to unfold.