Bird’s Nest Stadium – a Chinese marvel

Famed as one of the world’s most iconic sporting arenas ever built, the Bird’s Nest found in Beijing, China played host to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Looking for the perfect Beijing hotel experience? Then a stay at the Grand Millennium Beijing which offers a host of Beijing hotel deals will be your base from where you can explore this engineering masterpiece.

Built in 2003, the stadium was officially unveiled in 2008 to showcase sport’s most popular festival. The stadium gets its name from a grid formation that resembles the interwoven branches of a bird’s nest. Following the Olympics, the stadium was used for a friendly football match between the English Premier League’s Birmingham City and Beijing Guoan in 2010 while the stadium is scheduled to host the 2015 World Athletics Championships.

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Mutianyu Great Wall – A glorious reminder of the past

Located in the historic Huairou County, the Mutianyu Great Wall winds its way over 1.4 miles through grassy green mountains and scenic high ridges enabling spectacular views for all those who cross this path. Somerset Grand Fortune Garden Beijing is a preferred luxury apartment in Beijing in which one can seek accommodation when visiting this grand structure as these serviced apartments Beijing are known to pamper its guests with first class amenities and comforts throughout the years. first built in Northern Qi Dynasty, the Mutianyu Great Wall was later on further strengthened in the Ming Dynasty, Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang with the aim of guarding a strategic pass against enemy forces. Measuring at 23 to 26 feet high and four to five yards wide, this magnificent structure practically indestructible because of its unique design is partly made from granite.  With 22 watch towers distributed at close intervals along the wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall is indeed a monument worth visiting at least once in their lifetime.

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Hiking on Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall – A long walk to remember!

China’s Great Wall offers the most scenic opportunities for capturing a unique slice of East Asian splendour to take home. Visitors to Beijing looking for quality serviced apartments Beijing offers will be delighted with the Ascott Raffles City Beijing. This fine example of serviced apartments in Beijing offers spacious, comfortable accommodation with stylish amenities that cater to both leisure travellers and business professionals. When you want a welcome break from the concrete jungle, take a hike on the Great Wall, from Jinshanling to Simatai, which is one of the most popular wall walks one can embark on. Be treated to gorgeous scenery and the walking workout of your life as you navigate steps that both wind up and down, so a workout is certainly guaranteed! Visitors can walk from Jinshangling to Simatai or vice versa, although Jingshanling-Simatai is the most popular way to go, since once in Simatai, you can decide if you want to tackle the Simatai ridge, depending on your fitness levels. The hike will take four-six hours one way, as well as some extra time if you want to spend exploring both areas once you get to them. No matter which direction you hike, make sure to stop at Xiwuyanlou, which is located just past Jinshanling, for a world-famous photo-op when you look east towards Simatai. Hikers should bring food and plenty water, in addition to appropriate shoes, and dress to handle the weather. Also bring a hat and wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget your camera and some extra money for tickets and some other minor expenses. To avoid the crowds, try and go during the week and earlier during the day, if possible. It is truly a unique experience to hike the wall, and this is one of the most popular trails avid hikers can take, so get walking today!

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Beijing World Park – The World at One Glance

Beijing World Park is a theme park set in 46.7 hectares, where many of the world’s iconic sites have been carefully replicated so that visitors get a chance to see the world virtually at a glance without having to spend too much money, and all in one day. To get around five continents, visitors can either take the ‘ocean’ option where they get to visit the landmark of their choice in a speed boat or use the monorail or a battery-powered car. Divided into seventeen themed sections, the park represents landmarks from fifty countries spanning the continents of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Oceania and Asia. The ‘continents’ are surrounded by four ‘oceans’ appropriate to the continent. The park displays a mix of natural and manmade wonders, old and new ranging from the Pyramids of Egypt to the Eiffel Tower in France to the Grand Canyon in the USA and the Taj Mahal in India. Replicas of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Kennedy Space Centre and Manhattan with the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers attract many visitors.

Iconic objects such as the Statue of Liberty and the Little Mermaid in Denmark are among the host of attractions that are still in existence, some of them in ruins and others found only in ancient documents. The most scenic area of the park is where some world famous types of gardens have been replicated such as an Italian terraced garden, the gardens of Japan’s Katsura Imperial Villa and traditional Chinese gardens. Except for the size, the landmarks replicated here are really close copies of the original. In the case of buildings the material they are made of and even ornamentation is faithfully reproduced.

A separate area offers souvenir shopping, dining and entertainment options including an IMAX theater, an American ‘cowboy’ roller coaster, and a children’s entertainment world among others. Daily entertainment is also offered in the form of parades with floats and performances of traditional dances from various parts of the world. In spring and summer, the park hosts festivals from countries represented in the park such as Songkran the Thai New Year, the tea ceremony from Japan and spring festivals of various countries.

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Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park – fun and adventure for everyone!

The Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park is a magical land of fun and excitement for the young and the young at heart. Filled with numerous rides and surprises for the whole family, a visit to the amusement park should not be missed if you are travelling to the western outskirts of Beijing, China.

The Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park which is built on a 35 million kilometer block of land includes six main areas that people can enjoy. These include the Eastern Area, Western Area, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Dream World and the Virtual area. Each of the six sections are unique with a wide range of fun rides and activities, you can enjoy 4D Cinema, whirl around on a rollercoaster, climb the adventure tower, splash around on water rides as well as enjoy a world of fantasy away from the bustling mundane of real life. The amusement park can be a great away to spend your holiday simply enjoying the fun, adventure and out of this world activities set out for the visitors who come from around the world.

The roller coaster rides are quite popular at the Beijing Shijingshan and it is constructed with high quality technology. Boasting of a number of heart pounding coaster rides some of the popular ones are the crazy mouse, feng shen coaster, Jurassic adventure, mine coaster and space trip. It is also the home of the longest suspension roller coaster in Asia the ‘Shenzhou’. Young children can also enjoy the usual rides such as merry go round and bumper cars. Street performers and costumed characters walk around the premises regularly taking photographs and entertaining visitors.

When you are travelling to the capital of China you will need to make sure to find appropriate Beijing accommodation that suits your purpose of travel. More and more people are deviating from staying in a standard hotel and prefer to find lodging that is more convenient and luxurious.

Finding a luxury apartment in Beijing will not be difficult but to find a place that offers exquisite accommodation, personalized services, top of the line facilities as well as, centrally located would be a difficult task. One of the best places to enjoy your stay would be the Ascott Beijing which offers different ranges of serviced apartments to suit your stay.

Exploring Nan Luo Gu Xiang in Beijing

One of the oldest hutongs in the Chinese capital, Nan Luo Gu Xiang has both an old world charm and a rich heritage set amidst a lively atmosphere. Those wanting to truly experience life amidst the city’s traditional hutongs should look to stay at luxury hotels in Beijing such as Regent Beijing. Centrally located in the midst of these charming alleyways, it is one of the best placed 5 star hotels Beijing has to offer in the historic quarter. Make sure to make your way to Nan Luo Gu Xiang in the downtown area of the city where you can explore this area that has become a popular night time haunt. As you walk along the alleys you will come across quaint cafés, shops and galleries. A perfect place for some people watching as well, Nan Luo Gu Xiang also has several restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a relaxed meal or drink while watching the world go slowly by.

Jingshan Park – Exploring an Imperial Garden!

Steeped in history, Jingshan Park provides an ideal getaway from the busy city streets of Beijing and is an ideal place to unwind with the entire family. Since this site can be found in the city centre finding centrally located accommodation near such sites is a good idea. If you are in search of such a luxury hotel in Beijing, then consider Regent Beijing. This Beijing luxury hotel can be found in the historic quarter which is an ideal setting to soak up the city’s rich culture. Offering a shady escape, Jingshan Park was a site that was used in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, serving as an imperial garden. Since the park is located on Jingshan Hill, there are several summits here that provide visitors with stunning views of the city and such attractions as the Forbidden City and the White Dagoba Temple. Home to a stunning collection of peony roses, Jingshan Park with its magnificent scenic landscapes is a place to relax with family and friends as you watch the world slowly go by.

Beihai-Park – Rooted in history

Dating back to over 1,000 years, Beihai-Park is located in the Xicheng District and has been built up through five dynasties, the Qing, the Ming, the Yuan, the Jin and the Liao. Located to the northwest of Beijing’s Forbidden City, it ranks among the country’s largest gardens and consists of numerous structures of historical significance including temples and palaces. Overall, the park is made up of four scenic areas: the northern bank area, the eastern bank area, Circular City, and Qionghua Islet (Jade Flower Islet).

At the centre of the park is the Qionghua Islet which features pavilions, rockeries and halls. The largest building complex is the Yong’an Temple which consists of several halls, a drum tower and a bell tower. In the past the temple was a place of worship for emperors. The park’s main symbol, a white pagoda is found on the top of the islet.

This Lamaist pagoda is also a special place of interest within the park. The pavilions and halls where Qing Dynasty emperors used to hold business discussions and rest can be found to the west of the temple. Those interested in enjoying some panoramic vistas should head over to the two-storey corridor found to the north of the islet.

The Circular City is located in the southeast of the park, encircled by a wall. It is an exquisite garden where the Chengguang Hall featuring green glazed eaves and yellow glazed tiles can be found. It is said that Ming Dynasty emperors used to arrive here to watch fireworks. However, during the Qing Dynasty the hall was transformed into a Buddhist chapel. Its main hall houses a Buddha statue carved out of a piece of white jade. The Nine-Dragon Wall and the Five-Dragon Pavilions on the northern bank area are ‘must-see’ sites for visitors.

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Hiking the Great Wall – Exploring a World Wonder!

The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s most famous wonders and those wanting to truly explore this awe-inspiring creation should look to embark on a hiking expedition along the wall itself. Beijing is a great destination from which to head to the site and those in search of hotel rooms in Beijing from which to access this attraction can stay at Langham Place, Beijing Capital Airport. This Beijing airport hotel is only around an hour from this world famous site and features a variety of contemporary comforts. Once you make your way to the Great Wall you will no doubt be amazed by its sheer scale. You can find different companies offering a variety of hiking tours ranging from one day excursions to those lasting two weeks! Your hikes will take you past some truly breathtaking scenery and there will be many great photo opportunities as you pass mountains and scenic landscapes. Besides packing suitable attire and your camera, do not forget to wear comfy walking shoes too!

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Water Cube in Olympic Green – Wet and Wild Fun!

An iconic landmark, the Water Cube in Olympic Green is definitely worth visiting when heading to the Chinese capital. If you do not have time for an extended stay, it is best to stay at a Beijing airport hotel such as Langham Place, Beijing Capital Airport. Offering modern hotel rooms in Beijing, this contemporary hotel is right near the airport and offers easy access to the city via Express Train. Once at the city make your way to the Olympic Green where you can view this curiously designed structure that was used during the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 for the swimming events. Today, the Water Cube has been transformed into a fun water park which offers plenty of family fun. A great place to beat the heat, the water park features speed slides, wave machines and more, ensuring hours of wet and wild thrills and spills!


Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.