Catching the Blues

The warm and shallow waters surrounding the teardrop island are also a favourite destination to witness one of the most amazing displays that Mother Nature has to offer. Pasikudah, the tiny hamlet situated on the eastern shores of Sri Lanka, has grown to become a tourist magnet for whale watching and especially sightings of the largest mammal known to ever have existed on Earth, the Blue Whale.

Plan your trip during peak months 

Whale watching is in season between May and September. This is because whales engage in their relocation process around the isle during this period. Many Pasikudah beach hotels use this activity to lure travellers to their destination. So if you have not settled on your preparations yet, shoot for this time of year.

The best way to engage in the activity 

Private or shared boat trips can be arranged at properties like Amethyst Resort which work with trusted operators to provide their visitors with a wholesome whale-watching experience.

Be prepared 

Generally, it is better to set out as early as possible if you are planning to go by boat. Tours commence as early as 6 am. During the time you are out on the water, you will probably catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Binoculars will come in handy to catch a close-up of these giants.

Respect their space 

Whale Watching
Whale Watching – Image via Flickr

Whale watching is a passionate activity in this area.  Similar to most outdoor activities, you need to abide by the rules. Practice the “100-yard minimum rule” for safety. It is best to travel with an expert since they know how to coax these regal sea giants to come closer.

Scuba Diving in Passikudah

Being under the mighty waves, in a place where the only thing that you can see and hear is nature, will definitely be an amazing experience. How about scuba diving in Passikudah?

Image Credit - 12019
Image Credit – 12019 Via Pixabay

A whole new world!

When talking about the beautiful eastern coast of Sri Lanka one cannot forget Passikudah which a splendid destination for all dive enthusiasts. Being a paradise for a long lazy splash and crystal-clear deep waters, it has become a diving hotspot among many tourists. The underwater world in Passikudah has no shortage of natural wonders to excite you!

When to go?

Even though Passikudah is an all year destination for scuba diving, the best time to visit here would be in the months of May and June when the visibility of the sea is excellent to spot many underwater marine creatures. However, it’s better to avoid planning your dive excursion in July and August because there will be a strong wind.


If you are on holiday, a good way to indulge in an exhilarating scuba diving experience would be to first make a booking at any of the beachfront hotels in Passikudah. One such option that you will come across would be Amethyst Resort, Passikudah which offers some of the most stunning dive sites in the island.

Wreck Diving

The priceless underwater world in Passikudah is an excellent base for wreck diving. The British Sergeant shipwreck is a popular highlight among those who do scuba diving in Passikudah. It was a British Armed Merchant Navy ship that served during the Second World War.

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