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Spotting Dolphins in Sri Lanka

Playful and swift, dolphins are amongst the most fascinating creatures that call the ocean home and can be found off the coasts of Sri Lanka.


Spinner Dolphins
Also referred to as the long snouted dolphin, spinner dolphins are relatively small in size. This species can be seen in areas like Kalpitiya as part of dolphin watching excursions offered by tour specialists like Walkers Tours. One of the features of spinner dolphins is that they are known for their acrobatics, and sometimes leap in the air!

Bottlenose Dolphin
One of the most well known species, bottlenose dolphins can easily be seen on a dolphin watching tour Sri Lanka has to offer in areas like Mirissa. This species has a diet that’s mainly forage fish and is generally known to be part of pods that can be 10 to 30 in number.

Risso’s Dolphin
One of the largest species of dolphins, Risso’s dolphins can also be spotted off the island’s coastlines. While this species has a sizable anterior body, it can sometimes grow to lengths of around 14 feet! You can look to spot them while on excursions out to sea in Trincomalee on the country’s east coast.

Striped Dolphin
Commonly found in tropical and temperate waters, the striped dolphin is relatively smaller in size and generally feeds on squid and pelagic fish. One of the characteristics of this species is its body colour, which is different from other dolphins and makes it easier to spot as well.