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Snorkelling in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s most charming tourist destinations which have in the recent past managed to attract large amounts of travellers to the country. Known as one of the best places in Thailand to put your feet up and just relax, Hua Hin will no doubt charm the first time visitor with its captivating surroundings and sheer variety of entertainment options. The beachside offerings here are quite impressive to say the least and will offer plenty of leisure activities to those hoping for a memorable holiday by the picturesque beaches of amazing Thailand. From scuba diving to soaking up the sun on the golden beach, Hua Hin’s fantastic cuisine and pulsating nightlife are but a few of the many amazing features of the Hua Hin travel experience.

While snorkelling in almost any part of Thailand offers a world of fascinating possibilities to the active traveller, Hua Hin deserves special mention as the shallow coastal belt is ideal for snorkelers who enjoy spending hours feasting their eyes on the world beneath the waves. These warm tropical waters are teeming with many varieties of sea dwellers from graceful lion fish to colourful starfish; breathtaking coral formations can also be spotted on the sea bed. After getting yourself settled down at a beachside resort, all you need to do is gear up and float away towards the horizon.

The best time of the day to explore the world under water is in the morning. As the first rays of sunshine touch the surface and seep through towards the corals beneath, schools of brightly coloured fish spring out of hiding and are on the lookout for a good meal. While several tour operators offer guided snorkelling trips, the best and most exciting way to experience this magical world is by heading out into the open ocean not knowing what to expect. Want more out of your holiday? Book a fishing trip and experience the excitement of snatching a catch and taking it away with you.

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