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Marina South City Park

A nation that is regarded small in comparison to others, Singapore is among the finest tourist destinations around the world. A land that is capable of giving its guests a soothing, relaxing experience as well as a time of great thrills and adventure, Singapore has many surprises up its sleeve, surprises that are appealing to everyone, from adults to children alike.

Perhaps its most well-known park, the Marina South City Park stands out among the rest as the foremost celebrated and prominent attraction in the region. Perfectly capturing the verdant nature known to the country, the glorious park is located in the Marina Bay area, in Marina South. Covering an area of 26.2 hectares, it was built on reclaimed land with the intention of establishing a premier park in the surroundings of its striking cityscape structures. Complementing Singapore’s balanced scale of preserving nature and progressing development, the location of the park encompasses the same essence of preserving its abundant nature in a city that is known as the new downtown of Singapore. A splendid city by nature amidst its many alluring attractions, the blend of nature and city lifestyle palpable within the area is further emphasized by its pseudo name referred mainly by the locals as the “City in a Garden” or “City of the 21st Century”.

The most stunning feature of the park belongs to its two-tiered pond. Large in size, the pond encapsulates a spurting fountain that shoots a jet of water reaching of about 18 meters high. Found in the most appealing spot of the park, the waterfront terraces located beside the pond offer the visitors a breathtaking view of the natural vegetation nestled amidst the surroundings of the pond.

Magnificent to look at, the sprouting waterfront is just one of the few stunning attractions in the park. Another attraction that is charming to behold is the sculptures in the park. Decorating the area these number of sculptures are incredible and are an overwhelming sight to the tourists. Encompassing the intricacy and art of craft that is involved in creating such sculptural beauties, some of the sculptures that could be seen are Spirit of Youth, Soaring Vision and Sculptural Fountain. Worthy of a visit, some of the sculptures are a dedication to the legendary heroes who have made an impact in the history of China. In addition to these sculptures, the park is also known for its disc sculptures and monumental sundial that revolves in the gusty breeze. The winds also make it suitable for children to indulge in kite-flying. A unique experience, there are also three large spacious areas, idyllic for special events.

For those who visit the park with their family, picnics in the midst of the beautiful nature could be arranged. One could also indulge in the steamboat buffet dinners that offer sumptuous meals, among the other delicacy shops available in the food outlets. Surrounded by rolling greenery in the tranquil surroundings of nature, hidden away from the bustling city life, Marina City Park paves the way to give a wonderful experience for spending your day leisurely in complete relaxation.

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