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Skippers Canyon

Located several kilometres north of Queenstown, the Skippers Canyon is a breathtaking historical gorge that has captured the attention of any over time. This scenic area is better explored if the visitors seek out a Queenstown hotel to lodge in during the excursion. Millennium Hotel Queenstown is a luxury hotel Queenstown that is well known for the lavish generosity that it bestows upon its guests.

This area once a popular gold mining site is today a 22 kilometre scenic gorge that is known to knock the breath off the chest of all those who visit it. Skipper Canyon is accessed through Skippers Road which is now one of the most well known roads of New Zealand, astounding the travellers with its mesmerizing beauty. Once here, one must simply check out the Skippers Bridge which spans over several kilometres above the clear blue water and harsh rock faces which bears a beauty like what has never been seen.