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Meditate in peace at the Wat Hin Lad

Ko Samui is one of Thailand’s island extensions and is it’s third largest. It boasts of Thailand’s famous beaches as well as wonderful green lush forests.

Set in one of these lush forests is a waterfall named Hin Lad that is both beautiful and majestic especially during the rainy season when the water gushes out and cascades down the rocks. The path to the waterfall is a 20 – 30 minute trek that requires you to wear sturdy running shoes and bring along a bottle of water. However the trek is worthwhile once you come to the waterfall. Many Thais make use of the weekend to bring the family for a picnic to the waterfall.

At the foot of the trail lies an old temple named Wat Hin Lad. Its actual name is Wat Namtok Hin Lad. This temple is seemingly carved into the forest and blends in with its surroundings in such a manner as to seem as one with nature.

Visitors are encouraged to feed the fish in the river, and this can be done when crossing the white bridge that leads to the temple. Fish food can be purchased for a small price at the nearby shop. As you cross the bridge an unusual Buddha statue resplendent in its mother of pearl hue is sure to catch your eye. Apart from this the path that leads to the temple is filled with intermittent signs of Thai words of wisdom.

The monks, nuns and trainers at this temple are ever willing to lend their expertise and guidance in helping all those who wish to seek refuge in the temple to meditate, to move away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and to enjoy the calming atmosphere that permeates the temple.

For this reason, weekends are quite busy at the Wat Hin Lad as numerous people visit the temple to pursue meditation as well as stop by on their way to or from the waterfall.

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