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Shuishang Water Park, a noteworthy leisure venue

The well-known Shuishang Water Park is a popular recreational venue situated in the environs of Tianjin. It is an expansive recreational area featuring numerous pavilions, lakes and islands. A charming location which is ideal for a leisurely stroll, the park is a delightful respite from the pressures of the urban environment. The picturesquely verdant environment is combined with a selection of amusement park attractions, making for a complete recreational experience.

The park features a number of typical attractions including amusement park highlights which will be exciting for the little ones, although they will appeal to adults as well. Especially highly regarded is the large Ferris wheel which provides panoramic views over the surrounding region. Another excellent vantage point is the tower situated near the park’s centre which also provides expansive views over the park and its environs.
Although the rides only function on weekends, the park is still a delightful location to spend unhurried leisure hours. Whilst exploring the verdant expanse, visitors will encounter picturesque trees, idyllic meadows and serene lakes which combine to create a captivating sight.

However perhaps the park’s most distinguishing feature is the mesmeric waterscapes created by the lakes and their weeping willows and exquisite lotus blooms. Visitors should take the opportunity to take an idyllic boat ride across the tranquil waters.

Along with the natural beauty another attraction here is the attractive zoo which exhibits almost 200 different species of creatures, including endangered animals like golden monkeys and giant pandas.

Another popular attraction is the appealing Culture Corner, which features a number of highlights such as a reading area, a swimming pool, an open-air theatre, waterside pavilions and a skating rink. With so much on offer, the whole family will enjoy a pleasant afternoon at this much-loved water park.

The venue’s combination of natural and manmade attractions gives it its unique character and laidback ambience. Any visitor irrespective of age or preferences will enjoy a sojourn at this one of a kind attraction.

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Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.