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Laem Son National Park

Laem Son National Park on Thailand’s west coast is noted for having a 100 km coastline, which is the country’s longest protected shoreline. The coastal section of the park extends from the Ao Ang Mountain in the north to Pak Triam Mountain in the south. Among the 315 sq km park’s many facets are beaches, coral reefs, sea grass beds, estuarine mudflats, mangrove forests, rainforests and 20 islets. The dominant type of vegetation, though, comes in the form of mangrove forests. The islets are all clustered along the shore of the park with the furthest being just 12 km away. All the islets are unspoiled and few have any permanent habitation. Above the high water mark of many of the coastal islets are beaches fringed by casuarinas, the dominant tree species along the coast.

It is also home to several species of birds that numbered 138 at the last count, fish, prawns, oysters and 30 types of mammals including the pangolin, tree shrew, crab eating macaques, lesser mouse deer, giant squirrel, banded langur, wild boar, yellow Rajah Rat, bush tailed porcupine, munjak, pig and stump tailed macaques. For bird-lovers, the best time to visit the park is between December and February. In recognition of the importance of its wetlands, the national park became a designated Ramsar Site in 2002.

Among the pristine and isolated beaches on the islets, the most accessible is the beach Hat Bang Ben, a long sandy stretch fringed by casuarinas. It is said to be safe for swimming year round. Several of the islets can be seen from the beach. During low tide some islands just across from Hat Bang Ben can be reached on foot. Most of the islets have forested hills, reefs for swimming and snorkeling, sandy or pebbled beaches and camping grounds. The bigger islets have minuscule populations, agricultural land and interesting terrestrial fauna that include wild pigs, horn bills, monkeys and snakes. Across from Hat Bang Beng is Hat Laem Son, which has a deserted beach. Sea turtles lay eggs on Hat Praphat’s casuarinas lined beach. The islets of Piak Nam Lai and Thao are famous for their crab eating long tailed macaques. Accessibility to the park by road is somewhat limited unless a private vehicle or other form of private transportation is hired. However, there are regular boats that run from Saphan Plaa to Ko Phyam pier every two hours during the high tourist season. Long-tail boats can also be hired to access the park and the islets.

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