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SCUBA Diving in the Maldives

On land , the Maldives is everything; the perfect island paradise. It is all that and much more, underwater, with spectacular marine life and colourful coral structures. As such it has become a must-visit location for snorkelling and

Tchami, Maldives (32684393662), CC BY-SA 2.0

SCUBA diving enthusiasts.
Coral structures are abundant in the Maldives and a conscious effort is being made by hotels and resorts situated on the islands to preserve the corals and provide them with a rich habitat to thrive in.

Diving in the Maldives
Maldives diving is mostly done from liveaboards with the current acting as the anchor that drives you forward. It makes one great ride as the currents ebb and flow through the atolls and bring you in close quarters to all the wide varieties of fish. Diving facilities are often provided by resorts like Kandolhu Maldives.

Features of the Sites
There are two features at dive sites that scuba divers will encounter, and they are the pinnacles and current swept channels. If you are exploring the channels you will come across caves and caverns and are lush in soft coral.

The pinnacles are often found in atoll lagoons and shoot straight up almost breaking the surface. They are home to sessile life forms that act as a great base for sponges and soft corals. This, in turn, makes it the perfect habitat for crustaceans and schools of fish.
Swimming out from the reefs will bring you in close quarters of the pelagics which include eagle rays, manta rays and a great many species of shark.