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03 Day Itinerary to Seminyak

Sometimes even the backpackers and hardcore explorers simply need a break. Seminyak is the best place to rest and simply take a breather from all the adventuring you’ve been up to in the past few weeks. Here is how to both unwind and have a little fun for a full three days on this amazing holiday in Bali.

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Getting there

Getting to Seminyak from Ngurah Rai International Airport takes just 15 minutes with a fixed taxi rate for better convenience. So, hop on one and get over! There are plenty of lovely places to stay, one of them being Katamama in the area.


Spend day one on relax mode!

After arriving at your hotel in Seminyak Bali, it’s time to just get out by the pool and probably laze about in the sun for a nice tan. A bit of surfing wouldn’t do you any harm either! Don’t forget to explore the cuisine available here for some refuelling. A session at the local spa is not a bad idea for some further relaxation.


A little more energetic on day two?

Rested enough and found some renewed energy for the day? That’s great if you are all up and ready to go exploring just a little bit. How about a horse ride to through the rice field? This is indeed a unique experience offering lovely views while on horseback. Later on, why not immerse yourself at one of the dive spots in Seminyak to explore the world underwater.


Visit the surrounding area on day three

If the wanderlust inside of you is just too much to keep you cooped up in your room for too long, then you might as well do some exploring. Visit the surrounding areas and maybe do a little shopping too. Another visit to a spa-like Bodyworks just because you deserve some pampering is totally fine! Head to a mellow bar for the evening to top it all.


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