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Maldives Snorkelling

Maldives is well-known for its blue lagoons and white powdery turquoise beaches. All those who like adventurous water sports like snorkelling visit this island to spend a dreamy holiday.



Why snorkelling in Maldives?

If you like snorkelling, you should always select a place where you can spot magnificent marine creatures and many other natural underwater wonders. Maldives is an island paradise with 1190 beautiful islands surrounded by pristine waters. Snorkelling in Maldives is ideal for beginners with the availability of many shallow reefs.

What can you see?

Maldives is home to a large number of whales and dolphins. Once in the water, you will encounter different species of fish. In addition, you will also spot giant creatures like sperm whales and blue whales. Sea turtles are commonly found in almost all the islands in Maldives. Keep in mind that they are generally friendly; except when coming up for a breath of air!


If you are holidaying in one of the Indian Ocean resorts in Maldives the likes of Baros Maldives, you should explore the amazing marine life and crystal-clear waters which will certainly leave you mesmerized!

Best time to go for snorkelling

If you want to experience the best out of your snorkelling trip, March is the best month to visit Maldives. You should avoid visiting Maldives during the months of January and February because it’s the dry season.

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