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Best things to do in Kataragama, Sri Lanka

From historical sites, cultural attractions and an interesting local community, Kataragama contains quite a few things for visitors to experience and take in.

Visit Kataragama Temple

Image Credit-anonymous, Kiri VeheraCC BY-SA 3.0

Visiting Kataragama Temple is a must when visiting the town. The temple is dedicated to the Kataragama deity, whom all Sri Lankans of different religions seeks blessings from. For those who wish to make a stay out of the trip, accommodation in Kataragama can be easily found at hotels such as Mandara Rosen Kataragama.

Wildlife Safari in Yala National Park

Located just 25 kilometres from Kataragama lies the famous Yala National Park, where nature lovers can embark upon an exciting wildlife safari and possibly catch a glimpse of the elusive Sri Lankan Leopard.

Sample Buffalo Curd

Head over to the picturesque town of Tissamaharama and sample Buffalo Curd. A cooling and nutritious delicacy which is a staple dessert served on the island accompanied by either Bee’s Honey or Jaggery.

Watch the Kataragama Festival

Timing your visit to coincide with the Kataragama Festival, which commences 10 days prior to the full moon which falls on the month of July, will be a good idea as visitors can watch a colourful and fascinating parade complete with dances. acrobatics and a procession of elephants.

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