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Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

A South East Asian nation exemplifying a tropical paradise is Malaysia. Spectacular landscapes complement the sandy beaches, rugged crags and mountain terrain, creating an environment that is rich and diverse. Visitors will experience a truly Asian country which offers not only ample sights and attractions but one that is immersed in traditions and customs.

Kuala Lumpur as the country’s capital exudes rustic charm that coexists with modern architectural masterpieces. The city is called home by many ethnicities who live amicably celebrating many festivals and rites. Visitors to the city will be spoilt for choice in the numerous entertainment options, shopping and other leisure activities. Not to be missed are sights including the King’s Palace, the famous Petronas Towers, the Merdeka Square and the National Mosque.

A sport that is popular in Malaysia is Formula One Racing which is also a sport that draws viewers’ world over. This global sport represents fast cars driven by drivers who are considered sport stars. Since the first official championship was held in the 1950 in Britain successive years have seen an increased following with sponsorship and television audiences growing manifold. Modern day formula one racing showcases racing cars which are technologically advanced with crew and teams working rigorously. The yearly racing calendar begins in March and usually comes to a close with the championship awarded in November. Each host country’s track provides a distinct design offering teams and drivers challenges and pitfalls.

The Sepang International Circuit hosts the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. Inaugurated in 1999, this yearly event is a looked forward to occasion by race enthusiasts and citizens of Malaysia. With a circuit length of over 5 kilometres and a 56 lap race, the Malaysian Grand Prix takes places usually at the initial stages of the racing calendar. The topical climate together with race ensures riveting action for viewers.

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