Horse race (World Cup)

Seven Arab nations create the formation of the state known as the United Arab Emirates. This cash rich area borders both Oman and Saudi Arabia. Predominately Arab nationalities inhabit this State. However, the prosperous nature and fast developing economies have attracted a multitude of foreign ethnicities too.
A zone that is rich and fertile in oil and petroleum products, these booming states have become synonymous for modern architectural masterpieces offering holiday markers many attractions for leisure and relaxation. The Emirate of Sharjah is recognized as the cultural center where museums and historical sites flourish. However, many flock to Dubai for its offerings of enterprise and business.
Dubai is home to over a million people with many expats from developing nations considering this Emirate their true base. Travellers to this state are attracted by the sunny weather, shopping including the gold bazaars, spectacular hotels and accommodation, epicurean food all blending seamlessly. The country is also renowned as a mecca for sporting events. World tours such as rally racing, cricket, golf and tennis are just a few games among the many that congregate here to compete.
Dubai is also famous for its horse racing success. Noted as a prime venue and breeding ground
for the sport, many competitors and visitors flock to be a part these events. The Emirates Horse Racing authority is the ultimate governing body for all administration and implementation policies surrounding the game.
In the world’s racing calendar, Dubai is a popular venue. A sophisticated race track and other facilities which are bordering on luxurious, the Dubai World Cup attracts fans and race goers globally. Horses seen in the competition are thoroughbred breeds with the events taking place at the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse, a short distance from the main city. Heralded as the world’s richest race, the purse on offer is around ten million US dollars. This annual event which began in 1996 has a global audience akin to other popular races worldwide.
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