Koneswaram Kovil, Trincomalee

The temple of Koneswaram has been renovated over the years and brought to the status it is today. The Hindu temple crawls over the edge of a cliff which is called Swami Rock and is the reason that Trincomalee got its name.

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The Temple of a Thousand Pillars

It is estimated that the original Koneswaram temple which was known as the Temple of a Thousand Pillars was constructed circa 400 B.C. The legend has it that it was the mythical King of Lanka, Ravana had it built so his mother could offer her prayers to Shiva as her illness kept her from travelling to Mount Kailash in India. The original temple was also said to feature a thousand pillars each plated in gold, but it was destroyed and pushed into the sea by Portuguese invaders.

Getting There

The ruins of the former temple were found at the bottom of the ocean by divers including stone obelisks and idols which were restored into the new temple. You can see them and the solitary pillar from the original temple. Koneswaram is at the southernmost tip of the crescent that makes up Back Bay. It is only about 20 minutes’ drive from most resorts in Trincomalee.

There’s plenty to see on the way as you must drive through Fort Frederick. The last leg of the journey must be made on foot. You can see remnants of ancient history relative to the temple. If you are staying at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, leaving the resort around 8 or 9 in the morning would give you ample time to explore before the sun gets too unbearable.

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