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How COVID – 19 will change the travel industry?

COVID 19 both as a life-threatening disease and as a fast-spreading pandemic has caused so much of damage to the world – it has resulted in the death of many individuals as well as it had made a huge impact in the economies of almost all the countries around the globe. Read on to know how it would affect the travel industry in particular in the coming months and even years.


The COVID 19 Panedmic has indeed taken the world by a dark and ominous storm. It has claimed the lives of over 0.9 million people by the time of this writing and it has crippled the economies of a great many nations. Numerous industries have been highly affected as imports and exports have come to a complete standstill. Among the many industries, travel and tourism is the one which has been hit the hardest and countries which GDPs greatly rely on tourism are struggling to surface back to where they were financially before the calamity.

Personal Hygiene

As we are now moving towards embracing the ways of new normal – learning to live amidst the spread of the pandemic, numerous precautionary measures and safety practices are being implemented and adapted into the daily routines of people around the globe. Hygiene practices such as washing hands occasionally, wearing a mask all the time when you are out in public places, maintaining a distance of at least a meter from others, are being followed by many and they are already being instilled on to people’s daily routines.

Laws and regulation

Travel laws and regulations are being changed drastically to ensure safety and to curb the spread of the virus. Many countries now request a COVID 19 report during the visa approval process and tourist destinations around the globe have decided to not offer visas on arrival. Some nations have also gone to the extent of enforcing hygiene practices for if a person fails to follow them would be fined or face other types of penalties and punishments.

The future

The scene of the future of travel, although seems a bit bleak during this time, there are occasional glimmers of victory in the news media of nations succeeding in the battle against the pandemic. Some countries have already opened their gates for tourists and numerous resort establishments are already preparing to receive guests with upgraded health and safety practices. For example, Oman Resort properties the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort now use enhanced cleaning technology and have digitalized most of its operations so that you won’t have to interact with others directly. There is now a lot of hope that things would return to normal very soon.