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Hikkaduwa Travel Blog

Located on the southern side of Sri Lanka, around 20km away from Galle, the Hikkaduwa Beach is one of the most popular shorelines in the country. Its popularity means that Hikkaduwa is generally more crowded than the island’s other beaches, but this does have its advantages and a trip to this charming coastal town isn’t likely to disappoint.

Getting to Hikkaduwa

If you plan on taking a taxi from the Colombo Airport to Hikkaduwa, you’re looking at 2 hour drive that will cost you around $45. You can, of course, take the bus or rail service there as well which will only cost you a fraction of the taxi fare. To experience the true spirit of Hikkaduwa you’ll want to book at least a 2 day stay – luckily there are plenty of Sri Lanka luxury resort options to choose from, consider the Aditya Resort for one.

Visit the Beach

Of course, Hikkaduwa’s main draw is its spectacular beach area – expect stretches of soft white sand that’s gently lapped at by the calm waves of the Indian Ocean. There are plenty of swimming spots to be found around here too, the perfect way to get away from the heat of the midday tropical sun.

Go Snorkeling

Aside from the beaches, Hikkaduwa is also renowned for its lively coral reefs which make for excellent snorkelling opportunities. There’s plenty of tour operators to choose from, so be sure to take this chance to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures that inhabit the reefs.

Explore the Streets

Believe it or not, there is excitement and adventure to be had even away from the ocean at Hikkaduwa. Consider a trek down the scenic railway tracks where you’ll be greeted by the signature hooting of trains passing by. Then there’s the famous Sri Lankan street food – an absolute must-try during your stay at Hikkaduwa.