Explore Denpasar

Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, is a hub of art, culture and tradition. The site of the annual Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar is a popular and important stop for most travellers touring through Bali, and it’s full of its own unique sites and attractions.

Denpasar | Image Credit : trezy humanoiz from Denpasar, indonesia, Aerial view of Bajra Sandhi Monument Denpasar Bali Indonesia, CC BY 2.0

Getting Around and Accommodations

Denpasar’s central location makes it easily accessible from the major tourist locations in the South; areas like Kuta and Seminyak can be reached within 30 minutes – provided the traffic isn’t too bad. The local taxi services are reliable and can be used to access most parts of Denpasar. There is also a bus service in Ubung which connects Denpasar with the other major cities of Bali. There’s plenty of accommodation options to choose from as well, particularly in Seminyak. Hotels such as the Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach are full of amenities that’ll keep you comfortable in-between your excursions in the city.

Brush up on History

Denpasar is a city that boasts a long and storied history; a fact that becomes readily apparent when visiting the main square. Here you’ll find the office of the Governor, the Bali museum and the very first hotel opened in Bali – aptly named the Bali Hotel. The imposing Bajra Sandhi Monument lies at the heart of the square and visitors can venture inside it to learn more about the Balinese’s struggle with colonialism via beautiful dioramas.

Experience Balinese Art and Culture

Denpasar is also a great location to experience Balinese arts – from paintings to music and dance. By venturing to the city’s eastern suburbs you’ll be able to visit the Bali Art’s Centre. Visitors can Balinese art like the famous woodcarvings and traditional garbs at the centre’s art museum. Various dance and music numbers are also performed at the amphitheatre during regular intervals.

Visiting the Market

A trip to Denpasar would not be complete without a visit to the curious Pasar Badung Market. The main stalls are all located in a vintage three-story building, while the surrounding area is full of all manner of goods and even has a small temple. This is the perfect place to treat your palate with some exotic Thai seafood or for picking out a souvenir.