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Golfing in Bangalore: Enjoy the Gentleman’s Game in Style

When in the city of Bangalore for business and you are looking to stay at one of the many Bangalore luxury hotels, there is no better accommodation and facilities offered to suit your needs than at Alila Bangalore. Complete with all the essential facilities to conduct your business affairs smoothly, this is one of the best 5 star Bangalore hotels one can choose to stay at thanks to its opulence and efficiency and lets you enjoy various leisure activities for a pleasurable stay.

Golf, fondly known the world over as the “Gentleman’s Game” is enjoyed by nearly 30 million golfers worldwide. Historically, golf, or at the very least, the most basic form of the game has been enjoyed by Romans, Europeans and even the Chinese throughout ancient history though the origin of the modern game that is played appears to have originated in Scotland around the 15th century. The game being played by all these civilizations throughout history is a testament to its popularity in the 21st century.

When in Bangalore, whether you feel like playing for leisure or whether you are a seasoned player, there are a number of golf courses that will captivate you. Of these, the most well known course belongs to the Bangalore Golf Club which was established in the late 19th century and said to be one of the oldest golf courses in India. This golf course is of pleasant beauty and well maintained in order to provide the best possible golfing experience to its patrons.

Another course is found at the Karnataka Golf Association and is famous for having hosted a number of high profile golfing events. The grounds are also equipped with a steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pool so after a solid session of golfing, patrons can relax and refresh themselves all in the same clubhouse. The Eagleton International Resort is another noteworthy golfing course that would thrill those who wish to enjoy the sport in a luxurious and relaxing fashion and is conveniently located alongside the Hindustan airport.

Physical exercise, enhancement of concentration and the opportunity to socialize are only some of the benefits of playing the game and most golfers opt for the gentleman’s game for its ability to de-stress its players. Therefore, it matters not whether you are in Bangalore on business, for a conference or a string of meetings, for clearing up your schedule for a bit of golf will only help you to relax and gain some perspective.