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Agroventures Adventure Park

Looking for an awesome, one of a kind adventure experience that will make your hair stand on end? Agroventures Adventure Park just outside Rotorua, New Zealand may just be able to satisfy this yearning! Billed as the country’s ‘most thrilling adventure playground’, five hair raising unique rides are guaranteed to give visitors the time of their lives.

Try the Swoop which raises riders 40 metres into the air and with the release of a rip cord plunges everyone down to earth at 130 mph. It is ideally tried with a small group of friends for the best effect. Screaming is very much in order!

The G force sensation of the Agrojet, a 450 HP Hamilton Jet Boat with a V-8 engine has been likened to the ride in a Formula I car at full throttle. Accelerating from 0 to 100 KPH in a trice while manoeuvring around seven islands on a specially designed water course and finishing the ride with a stomach churning 360 degree turn is an experience that is indescribable.

Freefall Xtreme is body flying where riders are borne on a high powered column of air and is the closest many will get to a zero gravity ride. Try twists, spins and rolls while air borne and feel like a super hero out to save the world!

Race against other riders and even set records in bullet shaped cycling pods suspended from a track, powered only by the rider’s legs. Race along at 45 mph on a 600 metre long, 7 metre high track. Named the Shweeb meaning suspend in German, the ride is the first of its kind in the world.

The park also features bungee jumping from a 43 metre tower. Every jumper bold enough to step into nothingness receives a congratulatory certificate.

Located in lovely Paradise Valley the park aims to provide easily accessible, unique and the most amazing adventure experiences in one location.

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