Exploring the caves in a marine national park in Thailand

With breathtaking scenery and landscape that offset gracefully by a ravishing coastline, cultural marvels and historical monuments, Thailand is one tourist destination which offers variety with great hospitality. The coastal line of Trang which stretches over nearly 120 km is a perfect example for a place with multiple interests. From its origin as a fishing village to its national park, it boasts of several delightful locations and excursions such as a scenic drive, a boat trip to explore the caves and a string of islands each as interesting as the other.

The Chao Mai Cave is one such place of interest located in the Marine National Park that is situated along this coastal stretch of Trang. Among the many places of interest, the cave holds a special interest to many visitors due to the rarity of the experience. The cave which is quite large is located on the south side of the park and can be entered by the sea. This is a stalagmite cave with many levels of which the bottom level is the biggest has all the levels interconnected by a passage on to the right of the cave. One of the distinctive features about the cave is its extensive rock formation: stalactites and stalagmite form tall pillars that rise up to the very ceiling from the floor. An attractive variant to the cave is a small but beautiful spring gushing from the top level chamber within the cave. The boat trip to the cave is thus a much anticipated event for the visitors to the marine national park.

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