Adrenaline Forest: An Adrenalin Rush for the Entire Family

Adrenaline Forest which is ideal for both family and group visits, is an enthralling adventure park positioned in the centre of the forest. This park which is known to be a challenge against gravity and balance is situated in Spencer Park just 15 minutes away from the Christchurch CBD.

Providing endless fun and entertainment for the entire family, Adrenaline Forest offers the visitor the chance to test their strength and persistence. Adrenaline Forest is full of surprises, excitement and has plenty of fun filled activities such as an aerial obstacle course which is 20 metres above ground. There are also six pathways which are about 2 kilometres long. These pathways are created in a way that is extremely difficult to progress. These pathways alone occupy an area of four hectares of the forest.

Way up in the tree canopy, daring visitors are provided the chance to securely pass through as much as 100 testing activities while being fastened by an overhead safety wire. Adrenaline Forest can be explained as an adventure park that offers multi-level obstacle courses set way above ground. Participants are ensured to come across rope bridges, flying foxes and Tarzan swings all set up in the tree canopy.

Adrenaline Forest giving that adrenalin rush that suits all ages and sizes and experience is not at all necessary. Since comprehensive instruction and safety measures are provided, visitors will have to have no doubt when it comes to safety. Furthermore, participants are well attached while participating in all activities above ground. There are also safety leaders present at the site through out the day. Approximately three hours at the park and visitors can accomplish all obstacle courses at Adrenaline Forest.

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