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Exotic Camel Rides

The first image that runs through a person’s mind when they think of Oman is a camel back ride across a burning dessert with an amazing backdrop of the sun setting in the distance, the dusty sand dunes surrounding the horizon and the starry skies during the nights. This is exactly what most people love about this dessert country. These exotic animals have great strength and endurance. These ships in the dessert as they are often referred to as, have served the people of Oman in trade and in war. From their wool, to their milk and their meat have become parts of a nomad’s everyday life. They are comfortable with humans and enjoy being caressed.

Camel back rides are a very sought after experience by travellers to the sultanate of Oman. Dessert adventures in Oman are now well geared to provide the discerning traveller a great experience whether they choose four wheel drives or the traditional camel backs. The experience also includes sleeping in Barsti huts, Omani Barbeque under the stars, visiting the Bedouins and of course camel rides. The newest addition to the desert safari is sand-boarding.

Omani residents take pride in taming and breeding their own camels. Nourishing them and training them intensively for races of national and international level. These races are held usually on public holidays and national day celebrations. There is a lot of money involved in these races and proud camel owners parade their hoses to the public.

In your search for a convenient accommodation option to experience the best of Oman, consider booking a Desert Nights Camp to have the ultimate dessert experience. These private Bedouin style tents are an excellent place to admire the surrounding red golden dunes. This very interesting hotel in Oman provides excellent service standards and a romantic adventure. Although there are plenty of Oman hotels to choose from, for a truly Omani experience, you need to stay in the dessert itself. Experience an exotic sunset camel safari and marvel at the history that these sand dunes have seen passing by, visit the local Souq to beauty some exotic souvenirs to take back home, such as pottery, embroidery and silver jewellery and when the night falls, enjoy the beauty of the night sky hanging above the dessert like blue velvet carpet with a champagne glass in hand.