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Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an art in itself. Seek out an Oman Muscat hotel to experience dune bashing at its best, Millennium Resort Mussanah being a recommended Muscat hotel for the purpose. Oman’s vast expanses of desert are just waiting to be explored, sprawling on forever towards the horizon. These thrilling rides up and down the sand dunes will leave some of your hearts in your throats while others would be positively screaming with glee. After a cruise along the vast golden sands, braise yourselves for a glorious sunset with the golden globe disappearing into nothingness into the yellowness of the sands. Afterwards, settle down for a quiet night under the dazzling sky of the desert, a camping experience that you will never forget, serenaded by the desert night air and the mystic charm of a desert night.


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