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Al Hajar Mountain Tour

Separating the coastal plains from the desert plateau of Oman, Al Ajar Mountains in North Eastern Oman about 50 to 100 km inland from the Gulf of Oman runs for 500 km from the Musandam Peninsula to Ras al Hadd in Al Sharqiyah South Governorate. It is divided into Eastern and Western sections by Wadi Samali. The central part of the mountain range known as Jebel Akhdar rises to 2,980 metres and is known for its cool and sometime rainy climate and wild terrain. The mountains are considered an important eco region being the only part in eastern Arabia 2,000 metres above sea level and with a rich collection of flora and fauna that change with the altitude. The mountains have some of Oman’s major historical sites, they are the country’s agricultural base and for centuries the mountains kept out invaders from central Oman.

While many parts of the mountains are accessible from the capital Muscat on normal modes of transport, the remote and rugged areas can only be explored on a 4×4. Regular tours from Muscat cover the town of Misfat Al Abriyeen that is known for its date terraces and mud brick houses teetering on the edge of cliffs. Jebel Akhdar or Green Mountain, the highest part of Al Hajar though reachable from Muscat in a two hour journey, is rugged and needs a 4X4. This part of the mountain is a sight for sore eyes with waterfalls and terraced slopes cultivated with pomegranates, figs, apples, grapes, almonds, olives trees, fields of saffron and best of all acres and acres of roses on the Saiq Plateau that can be smelled before being seen, cultivated here to make rosewater.

Other interesting and historic sites on the mountain include the old capitals of Nizwa and Rustaq, Jabal Shams the highest point in the mountain range where vestiges of civilization is still discernible, deserted Al Hamra or Red Town and Samali where Islam was first introduced to Oman. An Nakhr Balcony near the top of Jabal Shams is where visitors stop to catch a glimpse of the deep ravine known as the Grand Canyon of Oman.

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