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Diving in Salalah

Salalah is a city of wonders. With many attractions, dining spots, and shopping hubs, Salalah has already won the hearts of many travellers. But what about water adventures? Does Salalah have good diving spots?

The closest diving spot to Salalah

If you have thought of holidaying at Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara or any other similar place, Mirbat is just 70km away from where you are. With many Oman attractions including China Wreck, Rocky Beach, and Eagle Bay, it’s indeed a paradise for those who love underwater explorations.

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What to pack for the tour

The relevant equipment will be offered by the licensed diving instructor you choose. But make sure you take a hat, sun protection cream, towels, and sunshades with you for the tour.

Diving experience

The total diving experience may go on for around 5 hours. It’s a beautiful experience to meet the underwater creatures and plants during your exploration under the guidance of the instructor.

When to enjoy this experience?

Diving sessions do not function when it’s the high tide. So, make sure you schedule your tour somewhere from January to April or October to December. Happy Diving!