The Ceylon Breweries

An all-time favourite, Ceylon beer has appealed to palates of not just Sri Lankans but Europeans as well. One of the most popular exports of the country, Ceylon beer dates back to the 1800s and it was in the breathtaking city of Nuwara Eliya, where the Ceylon Breweries was first set up.

With sparkling lakes and cascading waterfalls, surrounded by acres of tea plantations, the foreign Scottish population eagerly made this city their home in the 1800’s. The only thing they missed in this idyllic haven was some good beer to warm up those chilly evenings! Hence Sir Samuel Backer stepped forward and on the foothills of ‘Lovers Leap’, set up the country’s pioneering breweries. Little did Backer fathom the extent to which his humble breweries would expand to.

The breweries have grown and gone on to produce excellent brands like ‘Carlsberg’ and ‘Lion’. Nothing but the best of ingredients are used; a spring above the breweries supply pure crystal clear water, and the malt and hops are imported into the country from the finest native destinations. Ceylon Breweries soon became popular for excellent quality that has been savoured by a number of countries in the international world.

Today the breweries still stand at the foothill of ‘Lovers Leap’. As it has been in operation since 1884, its historical value combined with the epic scenery that surrounds it makes this place a popular tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. In fact the city of Nuwara Eliya itself is a must visit destination in the country. Blessed with beautiful and stunning landscapes, lush green tea plantations, scenic gardens and so much more, the city stands as one of the most relaxing and picturesque destinations in the island. It also has an almost English feel with colonial type houses and pleasant chilly weather.

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Mesmerizing Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

No visit to Abu Dhabi would be complete without a desert safari excursion. Watching the sunset while riding across the expansive desert sand dunes on a 4×4 vehicle is always an unforgettable experience. However there is much more on offer, including Bedouin style camping, camel rides, belly dancing and henna painting. Visitors may also enjoy a delicious Arabian meal and try their hand at smoking a traditional water pipe.

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Breathtaking Sunset Cruise along the Gulf Coast

Taking a refreshing cruise along the Gulf Coast off Abu Dhabi will surely be the experience of a lifetime. Visitors have the choice of selecting either a luxury yacht or one of the commercial dhow vessels. The mesmerizing sight of the sun setting on the Arabian coast will never be forgotten. In addition to enjoying the welcome drinks visitors may choose to have a buffet or a la carte dinner aboard the cruise vessels.
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A world of Kayaking adventures amidst spectacular beaches

The beaches remain pristine white in graceful contrast to the stark blue of the ocean which ceaselessly visits it, each time with waves of joy. The stunning landscape is well complemented by the breathtaking seascape that lures every unsuspecting traveler to experience its turquoise blue waters with closer intimacy, with either boat riding, snorkeling or kayaking.
Thailand is a paradise for Kayaking, as well as a great many other water sports. Be it for an experienced player or a new comer, these adventures in the waters, organized by special units or agents are excellently planned escapades that let you enjoy nature at its best without any hindrance. With protective cliffs standing still by the beaches and lime stones rising right up from the sea, one can explore the ravishing lagoons and curious caves and hollow islands that make up a picture of rugged but ravishing beauty.

The best area for Kayaking is said to be the Andaman Sea and some of the most renowned sites are included in the area between Phuket and Krabi in Phang Nya bay, especially the James Bond Island and the Koh Panek which however owing to their fame can become somewhat overrun with tourists during the season. If someone desires more privacy for themselves and more intimacy with nature, the Koh yao Noi is a quiet island in the Phang Nya bay that offer a solitary and peaceful kayaking experience, with visits to tiny unknown islands in that region.  It takes very little time for the kayaking crew to become familiar with the White belly sea eagles and Brahminy kites. Nor do they easily miss the site of little herons, kingfishers and blue rock thrushes. The bungalows tucked away on these islands with excellent views of limestone krast formations offer an incredible island experience at its best. A kayaki trip can be arranged for a traveler’s convenience as a day trip as well. Furthermore, Ao Nang is also an excellent base sitatued in Phang Nya bay that offer easy access to some major kayaking areas. Anh Thong Marine Park is yet another popular destination that too has succumbed to its popularity and has become overcrowded.

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Bali Horse riding

Offering horse riding tours are various tour companies in Bali. Bali Island Horse is one such tour company offering exciting rides on a seemingly endless, pristine beach. This trip is enhanced by the rural panorama, spectacular coastline, crystal clear ocean, invigorating sea air and the idyllic setting. The stables of this tour company are located at Yeh Gangga, a scenic seaside village. Take part in a horse ride offered by this company to experience the gently sloping rice terraces, fringing the sparkling black mineral shore. When selecting a Bali resort, an option to consider is Anantara Seminyak, Bali. Boasting an array of excellent suites, these Bali resorts offer exceptional dining options and leisure facilities.

Koh Samui Eco Adventures

Blessed with unparallel natural beauty, Koh Samui is a place of great many wonders.  Various eco tours offer the ideal opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of this hilly and verdant island. One such fascinating eco tour type is elephant trekking. These magnificent creatures will carry you through tropical rainforests, letting you take in panoramic vistas along the way. Both half day and full day jungle safari tours are available for you to choose from. When selecting a Koh Samui resort as option to consider is Anantara Lawana, Koh Samui. Providing an array of excellent lodging options, this Chaweng hotel enjoys an ideal location amidst spectacular scenery.

Uncover Guangzhou’s First Spectacular Scene at Breathtaking White Cloud Mountain

Revered as one of the most captivating sights in Guangzhou since time immemorial the towering White Cloud Mountain is one of the state’s most iconic natural features. Positioned at a cloud grazing height of 100m or 109 yards White Cloud Mountain earned its magical name due to the inherent weather conditions of the Chinese region which causes airy clouds to circle the mountain after a shower of rain. When the sun emerges from the sky the rings of smokey clouds are seen encircling the mountain creating a spectacle of natural wonder that has been dubbed the First Spectacular Scene of Guangzhou.

Sprawled across an area of 10 square miles White Cloud Mountain comprises of 30 cascading peaks contained within a lush valley.  Centuries of erosion and rock differentiation has formed a patchwork of gullies that crisscross the area that is located remarkably close to Guangzhou city. The highest peak on White Cloud Mountain is of course the ‘the first peak under the southern sky’ dubbed Star-Scraping Ridge or Moxing Ridge which is a whopping 382 metres in height. The summit at Star-Scraping Ridge offers visitors panoramic views of the city’s main river, Pearl River and the city at large.

Tipped to be one of Guangzhou’s premier recreational enclaves White Cloud Mountain offers six recreational areas littered with activities and attractions. Divided into Bird Spring Valley Park, Bright Pearl Building Park, Fei’eling Park, Santailing Park, Luhu Park and San Tailing Summit Park the most popular areas in the parklands include Santailing Park’s Yuntai Garden which is littered with flowers and blooms of a thousand hues. Fei’eling’s 46 hectare Sculpture Park is another must-see while the Bird Spring Valley Park is aptly dubbed the largest natural birdcage in the Chinese Republic. The Jinye Pond at Luhu Park is another captivating enclave where the crystal clear waters of the lake resemble an impressionist painting with the reflections of the surrounding environment dancing as shadows on the water’s surface.

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Kirinda/Kalpitiya Whale Watching

The name of Sri Lanka itself brings to mind visions of golden sandy beaches, unprecedented natural beauty and some scenic venues where memories are bound to be created. Regardless of which part of the country you have booked your hotel at or you have set your itinerary for the whole stay will be nothing short of enthralling.

Kirinda lies along the Southern coast of Sri Lanka and it is within the Kirinda Fisheries Harbour that the spectacular experience of whale watching takes places the most. The Sri Lanka Navy runs a cruise service, which leaves the harbor early to catch the activities of the sea creatures when there is plenty of light. As the liner glides smoothly along the waves suddenly there’s a movement in the ocean and a pair of fins flutter above the sea’s surface for a moment. A few yards more and an entire dolphin is seen shimmering just below the blue veil of the Indian Ocean and then the whale watching phenomenon continues in full swing.

There is opportunity to witness the graceful moves of these marine animals in Kalpitiya as well, which is at the other end of the island along the West Coast of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Though Kalpitiya is richly endowed with natural beauty it has not attracted too many visitors. Thus, its beauty remains unmarred and the habitat of the resident whales and dolphins is unaffected. The lagoon of Puttalam is also a great place to do a spot of diving to see the aquatic creatures from an entirely different angle. Locals are ever willing to assist the adventurous sorts that hit the shores of Kalpitiya and a boat ride can be arranged fairly easily at a reasonable price. Don’t be surprised if a shoal of dolphins spring out from the endless ocean waves to welcome you after you venture far enough into the ocean bed.

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Amazing Komodo Dragons of Bali

No trip to Bali would be complete without an excursion to view the formidable Komodo dragons found in the islands in its vicinity. These ferocious predators, the world’s largest lizards, can reach a weight of 70 kg and a length of 3 m. Komodo dragons are carnivorous, feeding on deer, other mammals and birds as well as carrion. Many of the dragons’ prey are poisoned by the toxic bacteria found in their saliva which causes infection and ultimately death.
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Kayaking in Maldives

One of the world’s top destinations for water sports, Maldives is blessed with stunning natural beauty and excellent conditions for a wide range of water sport activities. Among these, kayaking proves to be an unforgettable experience. Both tandem and single kayaks are available in the Maldives.  Try a peek-a-boo and glass kayak for a more adventurous experience paddling your way around the shallow waters. If you take a glass kayak you can marvel at the mesmerizing marine life below. Offering an exceptional kayaking experience is the popular Maldives resort known as Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. A gem among Maldives luxury hotels, it also boasts an array of other water sport facilities.