AJ Hackett Bungy

Also known as the city of volcanoes, Auckland is one of the most beautiful places in the world which is blessed with magnificent beaches and breathtaking mountains. Auckland is also the largest city which belongs to New Zealand and is one of the most financially developed regions of the country. Mt Eden is the tallest volcanic mountain located in the city which attracts visitors from across the world. The National Maritime Museum and the Oedipus Rex Gallery is a couple of other regularly frequented tourist attractions in the city. St Mary’s Church of Auckland is an architectural masterpiece which too deserves a look if you’re in the vicinity.

Anyone who has traveled to Auckland is familiar with the Auckland Bridge and the gorgeous views you are able to enjoy while on top of it. But have you ever wondered what those scenes would look like form on top of the railing that runs along the border of the bridge? What would the view be like if you were not actually on the bridge but on your way down to the watery surface at the bottom of it? Spectacular!

The exhilarating sensation of plunging down at break neck speeds with just a Bungy cord at your rescue is exactly what you could experience when you book a jump with AJ Hackett. The well trained professionals will see to it that safety comes first by using state of the art Bungy equipment which has been tested under actual jump conditions. This is certainly one adrenaline pumping experience which you absolutely do not want to miss out on while in Auckland.

Copthorne Hotel Auckland Harbour City is an ideal hotel in Auckland which offers easy access to many of the city’s tourist attractions and has a number of dining options where guests can enjoy various mouthwatering local dished. This flagship Auckland hotel also has a list of amenities which prove useful to the modern traveller.

Diving in the Maldives

Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an ideal destination for diving. Apart from discovering the myriad of colourful and fascinating species of fish that frequent these waters, diving also gives one a chance to explore the country’s coral reefs as well as underwater caves and caverns. Maldives luxury hotels offer ideal accommodation options for those looking to experience only the very best in facilities and services when on holiday. Located on a tropical island paradise, Anantara Dhigu, Maldives is a luxury Maldives resort which also has its own diving centre that offers both training and diving safaris.

Snorkelling in the Maldives

Blessed with rich marine biodiversity, the Maldives offers some of the best snorkelling on the planet. This family friendly activity gives you the chance to explore the colourful coral reefs that surround the islands as well as to come into contact with some of the over 700 different fish and marine species found here. Underwater inhabitants include sweetlips, fusiliers, rays, dogtooth tunas, octopuses and even sharks. Offering the very best in accommodation and service, Maldives luxury hotels are ideal for those looking to live it up when on holiday. A luxury Maldives resort, Anantara Dhigu, Maldives is one such option which also provides snorkelling tours.

Parasailing in the Maldives

The Maldives offers an idyllic location in which visitors can enjoy a wide range of exciting water sports. One such activity is parasailing, which takes you on a rip-roaring parachute ride in the sky while being pulled along by a high-speed boat. Apart from the adrenaline rush, parasailing also provides some of the most breathtaking views of the islands. Those looking for a memorable holiday can stay at Maldives luxury hotels, offering the very best in comfort and modern amenities. One such option is Anantara Dhigu, Maldives, a luxury Maldives resort that also offers such activities as parasailing.

Galle: A heaven for the adventure tourist

The southern coastal belt is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The bright blue skies, the warm golden sandy beaches and the cool blue waters of the Indian Ocean make the southern coast a perfectly picturesque and ideal vacation spot for beach lovers of all ages.
120 Km from Colombo is Galle, the capital of the southern province. It is a city with a buzz and colourful history. A UNESCO declared World Heritage site, the magnificent Dutch fort is the most popular attraction of the town and the Dutch atmosphere is still very much alive around the fort.
Galle is surrounded by many other tourist destinations. Bentota and Hikkaduwa are two popular destinations before the city of Galle whilst Koggala and the world famous beaches of Unawatuna are just outside of Galle. Mirissa is another fantastic beach within half an hour of Galle that is ideal for the beach lover. A common factor in all of the above other than the sun, sand and the beach are the collection of water sports making these, ideal spots for the adventure tourist.
Snorkelling, jet skiing, surfing, scuba diving, sports fishing, bay sailing, sea kayaking and coastal cruises are among the many activities that are available. Unawatuna and its surrounding beaches are dotted with some exotic snorkeling reefs offering an ultimate experience.
Although famous for the beach, turning off from the city of Galle will allow you to experience Sri Lanka’s low country hills and take you to authentic Sri Lankan villages bordered by rivers that will give you a truly cultural and peaceful experience. Jetwing Kurulubedda is one of Sri Lanka Hotels that is true to this experience. The hotel gives a traveller a firsthand experience of Sri Lanka’s village life by allowing for a bath at a well and serving a meal of red rice and garden grown vegetables. Luxury is not forgotten at this Boutique hotel in Galle. A pleasant old butler, a spa offering refreshing massages with aromatic Ayurveda oils and a well stocked wine cellar all add to the ambiance. Jetwing Kurulubedda is no doubt a one of a kind experience that weaves together the fun and frolic of the beach together with a peaceful village experience.


The experienced traveler will know that as diverse and varied as the many draws of Indonesia may be, not many of them are found in its capital of Jakarta. The featureless plain where the city smog rises over the high rise buildings doesn’t exactly scream of a summer pleasure palace. However, the experienced traveler can also tell you that the best travel discoveries are made by looking beneath the surface to find hidden gems. In the case of Jakarta, we may take that analogy literally, as it is gaining quite a reputation for what lies beneath the surface of the shallow seas which rings its islands – snorkeling adventures galore!

Several of the islands are noted for their varied treasures of hard and soft coral reef and varieties of vibrant marine life. Resorts Kul Kul Kotok Island, Sepa Island, Matahari Island and Pantara Island are special favourites among the snorkeling enthusiasts of Jakarta, boasting veritable undersea parks of vibrant coral with exotic fish and sea turtles. The Pulau Seribu or Thousand Island, Gosana Pandan Island and Semak Daun Utara Island are all among the prime favourites which offer the most magnificent underwater experiences that can be viewed without the hindrance of scuba gear. The Pramuka Island also is yet another island which is set apart from the others due to the opportunities of island cruising it offers (a perfect complement to an afternoon of diving) and the presence of “fish doctors” in its waters. These rare and quaint fish are inquisitive creatures that appear to be dressed in a white coat and prod randomly at passing fish.

Panggang Island, widely accepted as being the island whose shallows house the densest formations of colourful soft coral, merits a special mention in the recreational snorkeling. This island is famous for the rainbow fish which abound in its waters as well as the angelfish, shoals of damselfish, sea urchins and the very rare and exotic sea-lily which blooms here in a myriad of hues. Even if you’ve never been introduced to snorkeling before, picture these bright slivers of life and gentle sea turtles weaving about a garden of living coral submerged in the azure sun-warmed waters of these tropical shallows and see if you don’t race to buy an underwater camera!

Although these aforementioned hidden recreational gems prove Jakarta to be a very viable option for leisure travel, it has to be accepted that the busy Indonesian hub of trade mostly attracts visitors of business, sometimes on extended trips of commercial nature. It is customary for these visitors to find their way to the Golden Triangle, which is the elite area of the business and shopping district housing the serviced accommodation Jakarta offers. However, private Serviced Apartments Jakarta are also fast gaining vogue among the business and leisure travel community as preferable alternatives to extended hotel stays. Somerset Grand Citra is one such complex intended for business executives and their families, providing a convenient base from which to combine work trips and leisure excursions.

Broken Rock Dive Site

In the Maldives we never fail to remember this word “Diving”. When it comes to diving there are many sites around this small island. Broken Rock is one such place located on the South Ari atoll, Dhigurah Channel. It is one of the premier dive spots in the area and will prove a memorable trip for any visitor. Broken Rock is covered in colorful and soft coral, but only one diver can enter the canyon at a time ensuring that is beauty is reserved only to those well deserving of it.
On your Maldives Cruise, make sure you visit the captivating locale of Black Rock and enjoy the thrills of the Liveaboard Maldives is famous for. Maldives cruises are the fun way to enjoy the atolls and islands of the pristine Maldives.

Enjoy the outdoors at the Boulder County Fairgrounds

Camping has been a proud American tradition for as long as motorized transport has been available. It allows one to appreciate minimalist living, with only a tent to protect one from the elements and canned food to satisfy one’s appetite. In a nation that has grabbed the headlines for its love of excess; camping has always remained a refreshing aspect of an all American upbringing that children have cherished. This proud tradition remains popular because it has been handed down from generation to generation within families; most families have their own favourite camping spot filled with happy memories of yester year.

In addition to living only on the essentials, camping also allows one to appreciate the beauty and purity of nature. There’s nothing more soothing than a trek through a pinewood forest after a busy week of trudging on streets lined with concrete buildings. At the Boulder county fairgrounds all of this can be experienced all year around.

The county fairgrounds have facilities for RV’s, this allows travelers to experience a true American road trip and make an unforgettable stop over at Boulder. The city of Boulder offers a host of attractions to campers such as a wide variety of outdoor sports in the expansive countryside that surrounds it. Some of the more popular activities are trekking, mountain climbing and mountain biking. For those for are little bit more adventurous some of the best rock climbing sites can be found in the nearby El-Dorado Canyon.

Nonetheless, camping remains a group activity. Despite the activities one may engage in during the day, it all winds down to a beer by the campfire with some interesting company. Many visitors are known frequent the Boulder county fairgrounds through out the there year, thus there is never any shortage of interesting characters here.

Located close to the main city centre, the recreational areas in Boulder such as the county fairgrounds are in close proximity to Boulder hotels. Though camping may not the be first thing on the minds of the travellers, many visitors staying in Denver area hotels such as the nearby Millennium Harvest House Boulder may find this to be an interesting recreational activity. This hotel also offers an array of attractive Boulder hotel deals.

Diving in Koh Phangan

Stretching 12 kilometres from east to west and 19 kilometres from south to north, Koh Phangan is an island located near Ko Samui in Thailand. With an ideal location that provides convenient access to a myriad of prime dive sites including Anthong National Marine Park and Sail Rock Anthong, the stunning island is mainly mountainous with lush greenery. Bounded by pristine beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, most of this paradisiacal island remains as national parkland. Despite development of upmarket resorts and roads, the island has impressively retained its natural splendour.

The island is popularly known to be an excellent diving and snorkelling place with a multitude of dive sites. Having a professional yet relaxed attitude towards this delightful sport, the island is relatively a very inexpensive place to learn diving. With the availability of colourful coral reefs in its waters, the area is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Several open water courses are available at attractive rates for the novice divers to the region. The world of tropical diving in Koh Phangan can be experienced in many ways. All of the ideal dive sites surrounding Koh Phangan are located on the north, west and south west coasts of the island, with the west having the highest concentration of the sites.

An imposing variety of hard corals as well as tropical/pelagic fish can be seen during local dives. Hump coral that offers shelter to various table and staghorn corals, are the main structure of the reefs. The hump coral also offers shelter to leaf and plate corals, some extensive anemone corals, soft and filter corals and large brain corals.

Any dive in one of Koh Phangan’s dive sites will introduce you to a diversity of angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, wrasse, goatfish and snapper. One is also bound to find big schooling barracuda, stingrays, hunting mackerel, tuna and cuttlefish.

The ideal accommodation option for those in search of Koh Phangan hotels would be Rasananda Phangan Island Resort & Spa, Thailand. Nestled amidst spectacular surroundings, the hotel comprises of luxurious villas that complement the splendour of the environs. Setting itself apart from the rest of the Koh Phangan resorts, this exceptional hotel offers pampering spa treatments as well.

Forest Park

Home to the great musical legend Tina Turner, the city of St. Louis might not tally with your definition of a laid back tourist destination but this is one of those places in America where you can head down to a local bar, grab a pint of ice cold beer and just watch the baseball game while enjoying the great company. St Louis has a welcoming city that doesn’t really care much about where you’re from as long as you have a passion for music and know how to have a good time.

Known as one of the largest urban parks in the United States, the Forest Park covers a total area of 1293 acres and is one the 105 city parks of America. This massive tourist attraction is what draws most of the visitors that travel to this city. Within the limits of the Forest Park are many other attractions such as the Art Museum, the Zoo, the Science Centre and the History Museum. The Zoo is an ideal place where families can enjoy the presence of friendly members of the animal kingdom. The two museums are complete with an array of artifacts that are historically important for both the city and the country at the same time.

The greenery that dominates the landscape of this park is the perfect environment for those of us who enjoy a peaceful few hours of serenity. This unique park also doubles up as a sporting location where golfers, ice skaters and even basketball players can come to enjoy an adrenaline pumping session of practice. Concerned about your fitness? You can even go for a jog or a bicycle ride through the park while enjoying the lush forestry that will keep you company.

Millennium Hotel St. Louis is the perfect base for travellers who wish to explore this fascinating city. Offering a host of outstanding amenities and excellent accommodation options this St. Louis hotel is truly one of a kind.