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Hot Air Ballooning With Air Magic

Ever thought of soaring in the skies like a bird, enjoying the panorama that unfolds below through a bird’s eye view and taking in the sunset from up above? Imagine the sprawling greenery of the paddy fields below, the rivers snaking along the bed of the earth and the setting sun in the distance, the familiar landmarks take a different shape from up above; wind in your ears, soft chirping of the birds that fly by to their nests and you feel completely weightless as time seems to stand still. The scenery will surely take your breath away and let you truly enjoy the stunning natural landscapes.

That is the typical experience for visitors taking a sunset hot air balloon ride in southern Sri Lanka! Enjoying a hot air balloon ride at one of the many destinations in the country where Air Magic operates from is indeed an excellent way to make sure that the trip to this emerald island is an even more special and cherished one, full of memorable stories and sights that the visitor can recount to friends and family.

Hot air ballooning is becoming increasingly popular both amongst foreigners and locals in this charming island nation. Air Magic offers a number of hot air balloon rides at a number of places across the country such as Kandalama, Galle, Sigiriya, Dambulla and Ahungalla. A ride in a hot-air balloon is also a great gift idea for friends and family if one wants to provide them with a unique and breathtaking experience to last a lifetime.

For tourists visiting the historic city of Galle with its ancient fort that still stands proud, an aerial view from a hot-air balloon is sure to provide a unique perspective of the city below. There are a number of Sri Lanka hotels here to choose from that provide a diverse array of facilities and experiences to make your stay a truly memorable one. Jetwing Kurulubedda is one such special place located off a river. One of the best Galle resorts, it is sure to provide you a laidback holiday with a luxurious atmosphere in a relaxed and typically Sri Lankan setting.