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Blanco Renaissance Museum

Born in Manila, the capital of Philippines, on the fifteenth of September 1911, Don Antonio Blanco became the most well-known artist to live in Bali. His parents were Spanish, having migrated to Manila during the Spanish-American War, and Blanco felt a deep spiritual attachment to famous Spanish artists such as Salvador Dali and Miro. His affinity for art showed at an early age. While schooling he excelled at literature, arts and languages, but struggled at subjects such as science and math. As an adult, Blanco travelled to all parts of the world trying to perfect his craft before finally settling in the Indonesian island of Bali.
He was given an area of land in Campuan, Ubud by the King of Bali where he could live with his wife (the famed local dancer, Ni Ronji) and put up his studio. The artist’s mountain refuge was situated by the mighty Campuhan River and was a secluded paradise that the pair rarely left. Thus followed Blanco’s most prolific period where he produced many of his finest works of art. He won many awards and accolades from local and international bodies, including the Cruz de Caballero (the Spanish Knighthood), and became Bali’s most celebrated foreign artist.
During the last few years of his life he worked towards converting his studio into a museum. He passed away in the year 1999, just before the opening of his museum. The Blanco Renaissance Museum is one of Bali’s most important cultural attractions and tourists who want to take a day off from the beach should definitely try to visit it. The museum is not on any bus route and can be accessed by taxi. A small fee is charged for admission into the museum.
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