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Australian Alps

Whether you have a taste for outdoor adventure, or history and culture, or even if you just want to see nature at its best, the Australian Alps is a must visit place. Stretching across a large distance, this great mountain range crosses several states and has 16 glorious national parks and reserves within its borders. It is well loved throughout the seasons, and regardless of whether it is snowing or a nice warm summer’s day there is always much to see and do on the Australian Alps. These Alps are packed with activities that would interest young and old alike.
The Australian Alps are best loved for the range of outdoor activities that they offer. In the winter they are a much revered spot among those who enjoy winter sports ranging from skiing to snowboarding. There are several sites within the range that are ideal for these winter activities and Charlotte Pass is the highest of these amazing ski slopes. In the summer the Australian Alps are popular for biking, hiking, horse riding or just driving along and its breathtaking scenery will be appreciated by all.
In the streams that flow along these picturesque mountains visitors can engage in canoeing, kayaking and rafting, making the area a haven for adventure lovers. There is rich history encompassed in the Alps such as the caves of ancient tribes and visitors can participate in tours based on aboriginal culture. For those who want to experience the splendour of nature there is a walking track 650km long that has some of the most breathtaking views in the whole continent. 
In addition to all this, there are plenty of places in the area to get a close glimpse of wildlife and see a variety of some of Australia’s best loved creatures. Kangaroos and wallabies inhabit some parts of these mountains along with much more exotic flora and fauna, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Along the Alps are many places for visitors to enjoy a good meal and there is fun for the whole family.
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