Dolphin Watching in Oman – For the marine life enthusiasts

Oman isn’t all about the dry sea of golden sand, but is also about the very very wet sea with turquoise waters that happen to be super clear as well! The weather warms the water, making it just the right temperature that dolphins love, so you’ll be seeing a lot of them around here.

Bandar Al Khayran

This location is just 20 km away from Muscat and isn’t your typical beach. In fact, its more of a river valley. You’ll find all sorts of rock formations and islands here and the best part is that is you swim far enough; you’ll be able to observe dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dhofar Beaches

This beach is located towards the southern region of Oman and is famous for diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Dolphins are abundant here and you are sure not to miss out on a glance at them.

Vilphy Pulickan from Sohar, Oman, The unique beach (48779396443), CC BY 2.0

Bandar Khayran Reserve

If you are already lodged at a hotel in Muscat the likes of Al Falaj Hotel, all you have to do is take a 40-minute boat ride to this reserve. It is yet another spot that is ideal for diving and snorkelling and of course, you will spot the dolphins on their merry way when the sun is high above.

Things to know

Dolphin watching is one of the best things to do in Muscat, but make sure you visit on a bright sunny day as the creatures aren’t too fond of rain clouds. October and May would be the best time to visit for this activity.

Captivating Things to Do in Maldives

If you want a holiday to enjoy relaxation and exhilaration in equal measure, then the Maldives will be perfect! These are some things to do here that will be truly memorable.

Water Sports

Snorkelling can be tried by the whole family and those at resorts in places like the South Male Atoll can also enjoy this activity amidst whale sharks, nurse sharks or manta rays! Diving is popular as is surfing, while properties like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort also offer wakeboarding, jet-skiing, kayaking, flyboarding and parasailing.

Image Credit: Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

Island Getaways

During your stay in the Maldives, beach villa accommodation is ideal for spending time by the shore; however, for something special, some resorts offer access to private islands for just you and that special someone. You can enjoy snorkelling, sunbathing, savouring BBQ lunches and sipping sundowners amidst sublime serenity.

Dolphin Spotting

In the Indian Ocean waters that surround the islands, you will also find dolphins swimming wild and free. You can embark on journeys out to sea on a luxury yacht and encounter these adorable marine mammals including spinner dolphins that can be seen playing and sometimes acrobatically leaping out of the water!

Sunset Cruises

As the day draws to a close, the sun descends to the horizon and offers a most magnificent sight. One of the best things to do in Maldives is to set off on a sunset cruise during this time to catch this magical spectacle unfold. It’s a perfect activity to enjoy with your life partner while sharing canapés and a champagne toast.

Why You Should Visit Doha, Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is a cosmopolitan city rooted in its rich heritage. Here are some reasons as to why it should be on your holiday destination bucket list!

Enthralling Souqs

A “souq” is a traditional marketplace and amongst the most popular attractions in Doha is its Souq Waqif which is more than a century old. You will find all manner of items for sale here be it handicrafts, souvenirs, Bedouin weaving, clothing or spices; it’s also home to the Gold Souq and Falcon Souq!

Preacher ladSouq Waqif, Doha (17)CC BY-SA 4.0

Water Sports

For some thrills in the ocean when in Doha, hotels by the beach offer plenty of opportunities for water sports. Such properties including the island resort of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas feature banana boating, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, fishing and diving to see marine life and underwater wrecks.

Museums & Galleries

If it’s culture you are after, you can visit the uniquely designed National Museum of Qatar which offers insights into the nation’s history and heritage. Art lovers will be captivated by the Museum of Islamic Art on the Corniche, while also of note are the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art and Fire Station art space.

Beaches & Deserts

Amongst the best things to do in Doha is to spend time at a private beach of a resort. There’s also the public Katara Beach which is a family favourite and Al Wakrah Beach that’s close to the city. You can plan trips to the desert too where everything from dune bashing to camel rides await amidst a sea of sand.

Unusual Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Not many know of the off-the-beaten-path adventures that Sri Lanka hides within – so they often end up travelling in touristy places and miss out on the best of what this country has to offer.

Experience Village Life
Ditch the rich towns to seek the true essence of Sri Lanka – ask your travel guide to introduce you to rural village life. You’ll even be able to enjoy the authentic Sri Lankan cuisine while striking up a conversation with the friendly villagers.

Fly Over the Clouds

Vnonymous, Penang Hot Air Balloon, CC BY-SA 4.0

No, it doesn’t mean plane rides – prepare yourself for a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Dambulla, Sri Lanka with hot air balloon rides! It is an unparalleled experience to which you can look forward during a stay at a property such as Heritance Kandalama.

Climb Pidurangala

This is a lesser-known alternative for Sigiriya, but many tourists are only made aware of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Climbing Pidurangala will help you to avoid crowds that make their way up in Sigiriya.

Discover Stilt Fishing

The fascinating sight of fishermen perched atop branched poles is something you have to witness in Sri Lanka. Visiting Koggala, Ahangama, or Kaththaluwa will let you experience this unique method of fishing.



Wildlife Safaris in Mozambique

In the African nation of Mozambique, wildlife safaris are not only land-based but can be experienced in the water too! Here are some of the best spots for such experiences.

Bazaruto National Park

Home to a protected marine reserve, the Bazaruto National Park covers an archipelago with several islands. Those staying here including at the property of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas can explore the waters of the park and encounter dolphins, whales, sharks, manta rays, sailfish, turtles and endangered dugongs too.

Quirimbas National Park

Enjoying water-based safaris at the Quirimbas National Park is amongst the best things to do; Mozambique gives travellers a chance to explore this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which has thriving wildlife including turtles, migrating humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, leopard sharks, crocodile fish and more.

Gorongosa National Park

For wildlife safaris in Mozambique on dry land, a popular choice would be Gorongosa National Park. Apart from guided safari drives, there are canoe and boat safaris here too; on your adventures, you may spot elephants, lions, impalas, warthogs, baboons, crocodiles, hippos and not forgetting more than 500 bird species.

Judy GallagherNyala – Tragelaphus angasii, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique (45601504894)CC BY 2.0

Niassa Reserve

The country’s largest conservation area, the Niassa Reserve is another wildlife hotspot with thousands of elephants, buffalos and sables along with many zebras and Lichtenstein’s hartebeests. Smaller populations of wildebeest, kudu, hippo, leopard, lion and African wild dog can also be seen for an unforgettable safari.

Top Things to Do in Oman

From beachside bliss and historical sites to desert landscapes and bustling souqs, Oman has plenty to offer; here is a glimpse into the best things to do on your holiday.

Spend Time at the Beach

There are some sublime beaches in Oman where you can not only visit but be based at as well. Amongst such popular places is Salalah home to pristine stretches of shore. Properties here like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara offer luxurious pool villas and water sports such as snorkelling, diving, fishing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Visit Historical & Cultural Sites

You can find out more about the country’s heritage by visiting key Oman attractions including the Bahla Fort (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sohar Fort and the Al Baleed Archaeological Park. Ancient Sumhuram ruins can be seen at Wadi Darbat, while the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is not to be missed either., Al Balid Archeological Park 5, CC BY 2.0

Explore Deserts & Mountains

Amongst the best things to do in Oman is to explore the deserts be it the Wahiba Sands or those in the Dhofar province; you can enjoy camping, dune bashing and camel safaris too. More adventures await at the Jabal Akhdar Mountains and Jabal Samhan Mountain including trekking amidst spectacular vistas.

Shop at Local Souqs in Oman

Souqs are the name for traditional Arabian markets where one can not only shop for unique souvenirs but soak up some local culture as well. Such markets to visit include the historical Mutrah Souq with it numerous stalls, the Sohar Handicrafts Souk and Al Husn Souq, known for its frankincense products.

Swim with underwater giants in Africa

Many travellers love Africa for its rich wildlife. They often talk about the lion, elephant, leopard rhino, and the Cape buffalo living here, but not about the spectacular marine life available.

Mozambique – an underrated underwater paradise

Did you know that Mozambique is home to over 1500 miles of amazing coastline? Diving opportunities offered by this coastline is not known, which shouldn’t be the case. The world should really discover this treasure!

The underwater life

This is indeed the place to go to meet the underwater giants. Be its whale sharks, whales, or the mantas, divers meet every one of them in their natural habitats during diving sessions.

Image Credit: Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Diving. Is it the only way?

No- Mozambique underwater explorations are also open for the non-divers out there. Snorkelling with the experts offers them the chance to meet the cheerful dolphins, and of course the whale sharks.

Bazaruto – the archipelago worth visiting

You may also head to Bazaruto during your holiday and enjoy the luxury offered by Bazaruto Island Resort managed by Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas. An exotic experience awaits you here while letting you enjoy many other places to visit in Mozambique.

Discovering the Culture of Botswana

While Botswana may be well known for its wildlife reserves and safaris, don’t forget this southern African nation has a rich heritage and culture too that are equally enthralling.

A Great Place to Start

For those planning a holiday here, a great place to learn about the local culture is the National Museum and Art Gallery close to Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino. Those staying at such hotels in Gaborone, Botswana can easily visit this museum which features exhibits on history, arts and crafts, culture, wildlife, nature, paintings and more.

Diverse Local Tribes

The people of Botswana are made up of various tribes, though the majority are from the Tswana ethnic group; in fact, the country is named after the Tswana people. The Basarwa, Babirwa, Bayei and Kalanga are amongst the many other tribal groups in the country, each with a unique set of customs and traditions.

Image by Herbert Bieser from Pixabay

Indigenous Music

Those on cultural tours in Botswana should also look to hear indigenous music which has its own identity. Passed along over generations, this form of traditional music incorporates rhythmic clapping and singing; also popular is folk music which features traditional lyrics and stringed instruments for a memorable auditory experience.

Traditional Dance

Very much a part of the local culture is the various traditions of dance to be found here too. These often expressive dances can vary from tribe to tribe and are performed at festivals and religious ceremonies or even for storytelling. Examples include the distinctive rain dance of the San people in Botswana.

The Therapeutic Klong Thom Hot Springs in Krabi

While Krabi is known for its idyllic beaches, it also has nature reserves and jungles to explore; it’s in such a place you will find the rejuvenating Klong Thom Hot Springs.

Planning a Visit

This site is close to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve and is around 70 km from the main town. Those staying at properties such as Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort will find it’s only a little over an hour away. The hot springs are open from 07:00am to 06:00pm and don’t forget to bring your towel!

Scenic Setting

One of the great things about the Klong Thom Hot Springs is the idyllic setting; those visiting from a hotel Ao Nang, Krabi has to offer will find this site set amidst a tropical rainforest which forms a shaded canopy above. The cascading waters form small baths or pools in which to enjoy a therapeutic soak!

Healing Properties

The thermal springs from which these waters flow originate from underground volcanic chambers; the waters are around 35 to 42 degrees Celsius, while they are also rich in natural mineral salts that some believe have healing properties which can help those with ailments like rheumatism.

Maksym Kozlenko2016-04-08 Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) 02CC BY-SA 4.0

More to Do & Explore

Once done, you can head downstream to where these waters flow into a stream and have a refreshing dip. Within easy reach of this site is the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park which is worth exploring too; here, you will find the Emerald Pool and Blue Lagoon, two other mesmerising natural attractions in Krabi.

Celebrate the trio of bronze giants

Anyone who visits Botswana does not forget to visit the trio of massive bronze figures. This monument reveals many facts about the history of Botswana too.

The Three Dikgosi

This monument is also known as the Three Dikgosi. These 3 statues represent Sebele I, Bathoen I and Khama III who were considered three tribal leaders who took measures to talk on behalf of the people of Botswana once.

Shosholoza3 DikgosiCC BY-SA 3.0

Their story

They travelled from Botswana to Britain in 1885 when the country was about to be threatened due to the exploitative British South Africa Company. The case was brought to the Queen and the situation was handled.

Recognition and celebration

According to the historical facts, their actions brought both good and bad to Botswana. But still, this monument was built and 2005 for the locals to pay their due respect. The statues have been done in regal bronze and they are 18 ft tall.

Visiting this monument

If you are holidaying in one of the hotels in Gaborone Botswana the likes of Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino, you will surely visit Botswana Square. Once you visit this place, you’ll find these three statues standing proudly there.