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An Adventure on the South Coast of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s southern coast is a must visit for any thalassophile. It is a paradise of golden beaches, separated into small bays. However, it is also home to many cultural attractions worth visiting.

Madol Duwa

Madol Duwa was a legendary island in one of the books authored by Martin Wickramasinghe. Following his book, the island has now become a popular place to visit. The island is located in Koggala on the Galle – Colombo main road.

Galle Dutch Fort

The Galle Dutch Fort was built by the Dutch during the mid-17th century. The later arrival of the British made some additions to the fort, encircling the city, interrupted by 14 massive bastions. If you want to explore the fort thoroughly, then the best thing is to walk the length of the walls. The whole walk will take about 90 minutes.

File:Srilanka galle fort.jpg
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Richmond Castle

This enchanting mansion may look like it belongs in England, but in actual fact, it can be found in Kalutara along Sri Lanka’s South Coast. Set amidst quite beautiful gardens, this grand mansion can be visited while staying AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, which is a Bentota resort, located in close proximity to many must-visit attractions.

Water Sports

When you have vast stretches of the Indian Ocean as your backyard as it were, there really is no limit to the amount of water sports fun you can have! The island’s South Coast provides plenty of adrenaline pumping action and even laidback thrills that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Most resorts along the coast are positioned right on the beach itself providing easy access to a myriad of activities.

Windsurfing at AVANI Resort Bentota
Image Credit: AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa

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