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A visit to the Zoo in Dehiwala Colombo

The national zoological gardens of Sri Lanka is one most visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka as it is home to some of the most fascinating creatures of the wild. Read on to know more about this wondrous place and the animals you could see here.

National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka | Image Credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/people/25902645@N08">Hafiz Issadeen</a> from Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jaguar_full.jpg">Jaguar full</a>, <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode" rel="license">CC BY 2.0</a>
National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka | Image Credit: Hafiz Issadeen from Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, Jaguar full, CC BY 2.0


Founded in 1936 The National zoo of Sri Lanka is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Aisa. The Zoo has a substantial collection of animals that live worldwide with over 3000 animals and 350 species. The zoo has well-landscaped gardens and a dense tree coverage which in turn provides shady and serene pathways.

Animal Diversity

The Zoo is home to a collection of native and non-native wildlife that includes mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. They are placed in different kinds of habitats which comprises of an aquarium, a walk through aviary, a reptile house and a butterfly garden. After constant complaints from the visitors today the zoo is undergoing a major restoration project in order to make it more animal-friendly.


The Zoo also hosts animal shows every day and will be an exciting experience especially for children if you take them with you. The shows include an elephant dance, Sea lion performance and a chimp show that features a chimpanzee named Sanju. The zoo management has planned to add more attractions to the zoo upon the completion of the restoration programme.

Getting there and accommodations

You can reach the zoo easily by a taxi and it will be even easier if you are stationed in a Colombo hotel nearby. Speaking of accommodations near the zoo the Berjaya Hotel Colombo is a good place to plan your stay after a tiring day of exploration.

Things to remember

After you enter the zoo there are certain things you should remember that is never trying feeding the animals which are strictly prohibited and you can be fined when caught and remember the zoo can be very crowded during weekends and on special holidays so the best time to visit the zoo is during weekdays. The walk around the zoo isn’t very exhausting; although it is best to avoid visiting the zoo during the afternoon if you do, bring a hat or an umbrella with you to protect yourself from the scorching tropical sun.

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