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Sri Lankan Leopards – A mystique like no other!

Both trodden and untrodden paths of jungles in Sri Lanka hold an abundance of adventure and intrigue. After witnessing the elusive leopards, one’s appetite for adventure will certainly be satisfied.

Sri Lankan Leopard| Img by: Thimindu Goonatillake via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0

Sri Lankan Leopard

Also known as Panthera pardus kotiya, the Sri Lankan Leopard is the biggest of the eight known world’s leopard species. These creatures usually come out at dusk and swagger through the jungle to catch their prey. That’s why this apex predator is called the “The Prince of Dusk”. In most of the countries leopards are nocturnal and quite difficult to spot but in Sri Lanka, it’s much easier due to the lack of any other predators’ presence.

Where to spot?

For those who wish to spot this terrifying creature, there will be no better place than the Yala National Park. It is home to more than 40 leopards and the park is recognized as having the world’s highest density of leopards. If you wish to receive the best of the Sri Lanka wild life tours, plan your journey with one the local tour operators such as Cinnamon Nature Trails, to experience magical encounters of these majestic predators.

Behavioral pattern

Young leopards are often not difficult to spot because they don’t try to hide like their adults. They automatically catch all the survival tricks as they grow up. All the female leopards are better hunters while male leopards are a bit lethargic when it comes to hunting a prey.

Leopard watching

Observing these wild creatures up close is an interesting activity adored by many tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Don’t get excited as you get closer to view a leopard on a tree or stalking its next prey!



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