Diving Adventure in Hikkaduwa- Explore Corals and Marine Life

South of Sri Lanka is famous for its astonishing beaches and rocky islets. Hikkaduwa is renowned as one of the best spots for diving. Since 1998 Hikkaduwa rocky islets were declared as sanctuaries, and later it was declared as a national park. “Coral Gardens” can be mentioned as one of the main attractions in Hikkaduwa. Mostly for turtles, bird sanctuaries and water sports. There are also a considerable amount of diving points available that can be enjoyed during specific seasons. If you want to explore Hikkaduwa and its surroundings and have a tremendous diving adventure, it would be best to book your stay at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon. It can be mentioned as a highly recommended hotel among other Hikkaduwa hotels with easy reach to many diving points.

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Diving | Blue Deep Diving

Because of the effect of Tsunami in 2004, many coastal areas around the country were affected. Thousands of people lost their lives along with severe property damage. The Community Tsunami Museum gives an accurate account of what happened during the disaster. It will be an enormous respect to pay a visit to the museum during your stay in Hikkaduwa. Diving adventures can be mentioned as the best option to discover the beauty of underwater sceneries and fish species in Hikkaduwa. Diving lets you enjoy great freedom of exploring the ocean without destroying it.
There are heavenly incredible diving sites where you can explore beautiful corals and many more. Divers can also head to wrecks if they prefer. Such wrecks include The Conch and the Earl of Shaftesbury which is in an area filled with beautiful corals, 15m in depth and 15 minutes of travel. Sinigamagala Rock, Kirala Gala, Black Coral Point, Yak Muthugala, Kadwaragala and The Rock of Hikkaduwa are some of the out of this world diving points featuring magnificent corals and colourful fish. The best diving periods are from November to April. Diving in Hikkaduwa will make your stay unforgettable. Apart from that Hikkaduwa is famous for its nightlife with tremendous beach parties. It’s ideal to explore nightlife with some fine food after a great diving adventure.

Diving in Doha – The city’s underrated tourist attraction

Doha is the capital city of the State of Qatar and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. The city is renowned for the wide range of shopping, dining and luxury accommodation settings it offers tourists. However, an often underrated attraction in Doha is the amazing diving opportunities it serves.

Due to its popularity among tourists in Doha, hotels you can choose from vary in price, service and luxury. For a fine mix of all three, consider staying at the Banana Island Resort, Doha, by Anantara. It places within close proximity to leading dive centres in the region as well.

The city is home to seven popular dive sites, all of which are accessible via PADI certified dive instructors from a number of centres in the region. The Old Club Reef (OCR) and New Club Reef (NCR) are both situated close to the Mesaieed sealine, about half hour away from Doha. The former is an artificial reef and is approximately 16 metres deep. NCR is about 20 metres deep. OCR and NCR are both rich in marine life and home to resident fish types such as Arabian Blue Angel Fish, Sergeant Major, Groupers, Batfish, Barracuda, Spangled Emperors, Twobar Seabream and much more. Other similar dive sites that immerse you in the regions rich marine life are the Inland Sea and Eel Garden.

Fans of wreckages are in for a treat as well. The Pericles Shipwreck of Al Ed-Al Gharbi is 35 metres deep. Here divers get to see an enormous sunken shipwreck with plenty of exploration opportunities. Its massive propeller is sure to leave you in awe. The Al Ed-Al Sharqi sea line, about an hour and half from the city, boasts of another huge sunken shipwreck called the MO Wreck. About 25 metres deep, this wreck is also home to some beautiful fish species.

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Earn a Certificate for Diving – The Maldives: A Diver’s Haven

The Maldives islands in the south-west of India are a true diver’s paradise. The island archipelago boasts some of the most beautiful marine scenery since they are composed of coral-based reefs. The tropical splendor of Maldives is legendary around the world for her serene beaches, lush forests, and Maldives Water Sports. These aspects combined make the islands of the Maldives a grand setting where one can gain experience in the realm of diving and even earn a professional certificate.

Due to the nature of the Maldives, there are many institutes where one can enroll in courses to develop oneself in the art of diving. Many of the elite resorts located on the various islands, such as the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas offer a wide variety of diving courses ranging from basic ones to PADI certified advanced courses for rescuers.

The wild-life of Maldives is incredibly diverse, and contains a rich variety of marine in abundance. The seas surrounding the islands boast over two thousand species of coral and an equal number of fish species as well, ranging from small schools of colourful reef fish to even whale sharks. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, and the Maldives is the only place in the world where they can be seen all year round. There is also a wide variety of eel’s present in Maldivian seas, ranging from the cosmopolitan Moray-Eel to larger forms such as the Sting-ray and Manta-Ray respectively.

The Maldives is one of the most prominent places in the world when it comes to the presence of coral reefs, and given that coral reefs are the equivalent of under-water rain-forests, the scope of underwater life present in these amazing formations is extraordinary. If you are a diving enthusiast looking to obtain professional certification, then the magical under-water realms within the seas of the Maldives will be your perfect lecture hall.

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Diving Bluetribe Moofushi : dive into the magical underwater world of Maldives

Maldives is a heavenly beach paradise where there is less land and more sea and it is a world renowned destination for scuba diving. Diving Bluetribe Moofushi is the best place where you should go if you want to explore the unique and beautiful water world of the Indian Ocean. They have various trainers for beginners who would train you to be a confident scuba diver and make the best out of your diving experience. If you are already an experienced scuba diver all you’ve got to do is get your diving gears and take a dip in the clear blue waters.

Almost all the Maldives Luxury Hotels including Naladhu Maldives will be pleased to make all arrangements for you to enjoy a once in a lifetime diving experience. Diving Bluetribe Moofushi, located in the beautiful island of Moofushi, Maldives, is one of the best scuba diving school in Maldives island which has been in operation for many years and has succeeded in providing its guests unforgettable dives & snorkeling experiences, private and romantic excursions, fishing trips, whale shark sightings, cruises, manta rays snorkels & dives plus dolphin adventure excursions. It is situated in one of the best locations of Ari Atoll, close to the western barrier reef, at mid-atoll surrounding the most famous dive spots of Maldives. 37 dive sites can be reached by boat within one hour and five minutes.

The magical world of underwater in Maldives consists of whale sharks, grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, sting ray, eagle ray, turtles, pelagic and benthonic organisms. You can also visit coral gardens, oceanic reef, shoals full fitted by colourful soft corals. From December to April, May during North-Eastern monsoon season you can view manta rays. You also get the unique chance of viewing a whole variety of nudibranches, frog fish, leaf fish and stone fish. If you are a Scuba Diver longing for an unforgettable beach holiday with some extraordinary diving experience, Maldives would be the ideal holiday destination for you.

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Diving in Dubai – To the Depths of the Gulf

If plunging into a world of floating fish, gurgling turquoise blue waters, fleeting jellyfish, colourful seaweed and ship wrecks seems like one part of your idea of an ideal vacation, then Dubai, the cosmopolitan, modernized, commercial and shopping hub of the Middle East is indeed a fine choice of destinations. In spite of its many other credentials, the sea and logistics are both congruent with the needs of a diver, both amateur and professional.

Most of the high flying diving institutions in the United Arab Emirates are listed with the national body, the Emirates Diving Association, thus there is no reason to worry about safety or reliability of the equipment as the authorities monitors them regularly to ensure all the required standards are met and surpassed. Established with the intention of making man closer to nature and more appreciative of the ocean, the association takes an entirely different stance over the matter than most who believe diving is only about having fun.

The Arabian Diver, Blue Planet Diving, Al Boom Diving and Adventure Divers Fujairah are some of the most well known local names that promise to offer a memorable diving experience which is fun, safe and educational. Their well trained instructors, most of whom are PADI professionals, state of the art equipment and safe coastal belt will grant you an opportunity to roam under the waves with comfort and ease.

The waters in and around Dubai have the wreckages of ships that were used in the Gulf wars and the visibility can sometimes be quite low ranging between five to fifteen meters, so the more you want to see the deeper you will have to dive. The dhow rides to the middle of the sea and the beverages on board are commonly referred to as exquisite by the patrons.

Any Dubai hotel will be able to recommend and help you in sorting out your much awaited diving stint. A Deira hotel Dubai bordering the Persian Gulf should turn out to be a suitable home while you engage in the underwater activities. Keep the Copthorne Hotel Dubai in mind when making reservations where spontaneous excursions should be possible due to the location.


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