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Wildlife in Kenya, an experience like no other

Kenya has earned a firm reputation as one of the world’s richest wildlife habitats, possessing many magnificent and appealing animal species. Thousands of tourists from across the globe converge on this African nation to view its captivating wildlife.

The largest creatures in Kenya are as one might expect the big herbivores. Of these, the mighty African elephant takes pride of place, and they are easily spotted in the country’s numerous game reserves. In fact elephants are found in several varied habitats within Kenya. Visitors will be thrilled by the sight of the powerful rhinoceros, which is now endangered and therefore some of the remaining specimens are being relocated to safe areas. However numerous rhinos remain on the Kenyan plains, notably at Nairobi National Park. The giraffe is another essential sight, as they graze on the tender acacia leaves.

The Cape buffalo, powerful and unpredictable, is another magnificent sight. Visitors should also take the opportunity to view the massive and ungainly hippopotamus, as it lounges in the basins and swamps. Other significant herbivores include the unmistakable eland, the largest of the antelopes and the wildebeest, in addition to a host of smaller plant eaters.

Naturally the aggressive predators feature prominently in the sights to be seen in the Kenyan game reserves. The big cats, notably the lions and leopards will be a memorable sight, particularly as they engage in their hunting. The sight of a sprinting cheetah is a spectacle that will truly never be forgotten. Hyenas, wild dogs, servals and jackals are other interesting features on the Kenyan plains. Not to be missed are the huge African crocodiles which may be seen basking in the streams and rivers.

Kenya also boasts a wide variety of bird species, including the unmistakable ostrich. Other fascinating varieties include the beautiful albatrosses and an array of other avian species such as grebes, petrels, pelicans, shearwaters, gannets, boobies, cormorants, darters, egrets, herons, storks and flamingos amongst many others. Kenya is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise.

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