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Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

Thanks to Sri Lanka finding itself thrust into new and upcoming lists as the place to be, resorts and tourists have taken notice and are flocking to the country in their dozen. Not that you need it, but here are a few reasons as to why you should visit Sri Lanka now.

Delicious Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine is on a pedestal on its own in terms of a myriad of flavours, colours and curries. The Sri Lankan way of cooking could turn you into a vegetarian for the dishes are made so well that you wouldn’t miss meat at all. Sri Lankan meat dishes are a whole new ballgame of flavours.

Rich Biodiversity

Thanks to the high degree of biodiversity Sri Lanka’s national parks are a must-visit if you are planning adventure tours in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park is the place with the highest density of Sri Lankan leopard in the world and you can also see sloth bears, deer, elephants, monkeys, mongoose, wild boar, water buffalo, peacocks and many kinds of birds both migratory and endemic to the island. Book a tour with operators such as Nature Odyssey for the full experience.

Surfing Paradise

Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches are not just postcard beautiful they also feature some of the best waves for surfing. There are world class surf schools in places like Arugam Bay where there are waves for beginners and waves for the professionals.

Cultural Heritage

With 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites scattered across the country, Sri Lanka has a lot of cultural heritage for the history buff to explore. Even if you aren’t into history, these sites are so beautiful and so unique there’s plenty for you to see.


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