What You Can Expect from Tree Bridge Coffee & Zipline Samui – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Are you looking for an exciting and unique way to experience the beauty of nature? Look no further than Tree Bridge Coffee & Zipline Samui. This one-of-a-kind destination combines the thrill of ziplining with the serenity of a lush jungle setting.

Image via Wikimedia Commons


One of the main draws of Tree Bridge Coffee & Zipline Samui is its incredible zipline course. The course features multiple lines that take you soaring through the jungle canopy, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The ziplines are designed for both beginners and experienced riders, so everyone can enjoy the thrill of flying through the trees.

Coffee and Food

This is also a great spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and some food. The on-site cafe serves a variety of coffee drinks, as well as a selection of sandwiches and snacks. You can enjoy your refreshments while taking in the beautiful views of the jungle from the outdoor seating area. If you are staying at a property such as Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort or one of the other Koh Samui hotels closer to Tree Bridge Coffee & Zipline, be sure to drop by for a delicious cup of coffee.

Nature and Sustainability

One of the things that set Tree Bridge Coffee & Zipline Samui apart is its commitment to nature and sustainability. The owners and operators are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the jungle and protecting the environment. They use eco-friendly practices and materials and actively work to educate visitors about the importance of conservation.

What to bring  

When visiting Tree Bridge Coffee & Zipline in Samui, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. You should also bring a hat, sunglasses, sunblock, insect repellent, a refillable bottle of water to stay hydrated, a camera or phone to capture memories, and some cash for food, drinks or souvenirs.